We predict the 'royalcore' garden trend for 2022 – here are 4 ways to get the look

2022 will see us inviting a feeling of luxury and splendor into our outdoor spaces

lavender lined pathway in tended garden at a stately home
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With the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations fast approaching and a new series of Bridgerton arriving on Netflix this month, we predict a big royalcore garden trend will bloom this year. We expect to see people inviting the grandeur of a stately home into their outdoor spaces as gardening lovers embrace a traditional and decorative look.

Good news for those with a small garden: Evie Lane, a gardening expert at online garden retailer Primrose, believes that royalcore is one of the garden trends that we can take inspiration from no matter the size of our space.

outside buckingham palace with yellow and red blooms

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Royalcore garden trend

Royalcore is an opulent aesthetic similar to regencycore, which is about taking style notes from the Regency era between 1811 and 1820 in our wardrobes, homes, and gardens. Google searches for ‘royal garden’ are up by 394% since the end of December 2021, and Instagrammers have shared around 47,500 #royalcore photos. 

Primrose says that Bridgerton and the royalcore trend sparked a 400% rise in search for amethyst wisteria on their website and a 390% increase in search for lavender. It appears this opulent style of garden is something that people will pay more for, too. 

Michaela Keszler is a premier broker at Douglas Elliman, Southampton. She says that buyers are looking for huge flower gardens filled with curated blooms rather than 'the simplicity of boxwoods and grasses.'

topiary in bridgerton garden behind two female characters sat talking together

Topiary features in the Bridgerton garden above

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Michaela says, 'what I have noticed in the past year is that properties with beautiful gardens have come back. People pay a premium price for a property with a designed garden.' 

4 tips for getting the royalcore garden look

  • Plant strongly-scented, purple blooms, such as wisteria and lavender. Star jasmine and peonies will also bring a beautiful aroma.
  • Try some simple topiary, from boxes to cones and spheres. ‘Simple shapes often work best and require much less maintenance,' says garden expert Evie. 
  • Create a soothing and symmetrical space with a water feature idea.
  • Create a luxurious focal point with pergola covered in long-blooming climbing plants, such as a clematis.

wisteria covering a pergola with garden bench and hedge beyond

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We previously shared Buckingham Palace's rose garden tips for creating a stunning feature with beautiful roses. Will you be taking inspiration from Regency-era gardens this spring? 

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