Toffee apples recipe: try this sweet treat for Bonfire Night and beyond

A classic treat for autumn or Bonfire Night, this toffee apples recipe is a winner for kids and adults alike

Toffee apples recipe
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A good toffee apples recipe is always a winner for Bonfire Night celebrations and beyond. Kids will love to have a go at making them with you, and the whole family can enjoy tucking into them as you watch the fireworks in the garden. 

Whether you've got plenty of apples left over from your autumn harvest and want to put them to good use, or simply like the idea of indulging the kids with a homemade treat, this quick and easy recipe is sure to be a hit. Most of the ingredients you'll need are store cupboard regulars, so chances are you won't even need to make a visit to the shops to make this. You can even use twigs rather than lolly sticks for the toffee apple sticks, so simply grab those secateurs and snip off a few from the garden. 

The below recipe makes 10 toffee apples, so more than enough for the whole family to enjoy. Where possible, we do suggest using a sugar thermometer for toffee recipes as they ensure a perfect result every time.

Once you've made them, gather round the fire pit in the garden, light the sparklers and enjoy the the crunchy taste of these delicious favourites. For more alfresco recipes for Bonfire Night, take a look at our guide to the best BBQ recipes and make your garden celebrations the best (and tastiest) ones yet. 

Toffee apples recipe

toffee apples recipe

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  • 10 Granny Smith apples (or apples of your choice)
  • 800g (1lb 12oz) golden caster sugar
  • ½ a tube of extra-strong black food colouring (we used Dr Oetker). This can be optional if you don't have any in your store cupboard
  • 2 tsp vinegar (white wine or cider vinegar)
  • 8 tbsp golden syrup


1. Place the apples in a bowl of boiling water to remove the waxy coating. Dry thoroughly and remove the stalks. Push a wooden lolly stick or clean twig through the stalk hole, halfway into the core of the apple.

2. Put 100ml (3½fl oz) water in a small pan with the sugar and the food colouring over a medium heat. Allow the sugar to dissolve, then add the vinegar and golden syrup. Insert a sugar thermometer into the pan and heat until it reaches 150˚C. 

3. While the sugar is still hot, tilt the pan and dip and twist the apples in the toffee mixture, one at a time. Place on a greased baking sheet with space between them, and leave to cool before serving. 

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