Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 20V Max Cordless Portable Pressure Cleaner Kit review

No outside tap or plug socket? Not a problem for this pressure cleaner. We tested the Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 20V Max Cordless Portable Pressure Cleaner, to see how effective it was

Man cleaning bike with Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 pressure washer
(Image credit: Worx)
Gardeningetc Verdict

Although not as powerful as some corded pressure washers, the convenience of being able to use this kit anywhere, makes it a must-have for those without a water or electricity connection, or for camping, biking or surfing, when you need to quickly clean equipment.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Versatile – can be used on a multitude of surfaces

  • +

    Can be used completely cordless

  • +

    Interchangeable battery with other Worx 20V PowerShare tools

  • +

    Lightweight and compact

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not suitable for large patio areas or driveways

  • -

    Not as powerful as other pressure washers

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It is a big claim, but according to the manufacturers the Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 portable pressure cleaner is the only high-pressure washer you can take anywhere. Lightweight and compact, it is powered by a 20V battery, which means you do not need to plug it in to a mains socket to operate.

Equally handy is that for those who do not have an outdoor tap, you can clean items using the six metre hose provided by filling the bucket at any fresh water source. There is the option to connect to garden hose, too.

Included in the kit is the WG629E.1 pistol, 20V 2.0Ah battery pack and charger, a cleaning brush, soap bottle, suction hose with filter, foldable water bucket, lance and a carry bag. So, while it might not have the 180 bar pressure of our best pressure washer, it certainly has all the gear you could need on the go.

This is the first cordless pressure washer I have used, so I was interested to see just how powerful it was and if it made any of my cleaning tasks easier. Knowing that the power might not quite live up to corded mains powered versions, I approached this with the mindset of those who might be using it out and about, or people like my friend with no outdoor socket or water supply.

Worx Hydroshot pressure washer

(Image credit: Worx)

Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 key product specifications:

  • Power type: 20 Li-ion battery
  • Max pressure: 22 bar
  • Best for: use anywhere, even without a mains water or electricity supply
  • Weight: 1.65kg
  • Battery life: 30 minutes
  • Charge time: 3 hours from zero
  • Pressure settings: 5 (0, 15, 25, 40 and watering)
  • Guarantee: manufacturer’s 3-year warranty
  • Box includes: lance, extension lance, battery and charger, brush, 6m suction hose, foldable water bucket, soap bottle and carry bag

First impressions of the Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1

Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 pressure washer kit

(Image credit: Worx)

While compact, this pressure washer sure does come with plenty of kit. Worx has even thrown in a handy mesh bag to keep it all together – great for hanging in a small shed, or throwing in the back of the car for an active day out. The collapsable bucket is also a space saver and handy for porting everything around.

The unit itself is pleasingly light, even with the lance and various attachments, so if you want easy cleaning, but don't require something very powerful, this is an accessible product. 

Everything is made of a very durable plastic in a classic power tool colour-combo favourite of orange and black. And, you get a battery and charger thrown in. As part of the PowerShare range, you can buy further batteries if needed – something that could be a great idea to give yourself a bit more juice when you are out. 

Getting started

To start, you need to have the battery fully charged. This means three hours in the charger if charging from zero or for the first time. Subsequent charges take less time and the charger has indicator lights that tell you it is charging, it is full of charge, or if there is an issue with the battery. 

With a full battery you are ready to go. Simply slot the battery onto the pressure washer unit and attach your desired accessory. If you are using it for watering or pressure washing you will need to fill the bucket with fresh water and attach the suction hose. For use at home, you can attach it to a mains hose pipe as it has a handy clip-lock hose attachment that is fairly universal.

What is the Worx WG629E.1 20V Max Cordless Pressure Cleaner like to use?

The Worx website states that the WG629E.1 Cordless Hydroshot, is great for cleaning items that don’t require really high water pressure, such as bikes, sports equipment, windows and cars. The lance has a 5-in-1 pressure nozzle (with settings 0, 15, 25, 40 and watering), to suit any application, so with this in mind, I tried it on a number of surfaces to see just how effective and convenient it was.

To operate the Hydroshot, you attach the accessory you want to use, insert the battery and then press the safety button on the left side of the pistol, followed by squeezing the trigger.

Plastic surfaces
I must admit that I have never cleaned my wheelie bin, mainly because of the length of time it would take me, plus I can’t reach the bottom. So this was the first object I used the Worx Hydroshot on. I connected the lance by aligning its end to the pistol and then twisted it 90 degrees to secure it. I then set the nozzle to the highest pressure, simply by twisting the end to 0. The number indicates the spray size. The higher the number, the wider the opening and the less intense the pressure, so using 0 offers the strongest clean, but as the aperture is smaller it covers a smaller space at one time.

The Hydroshot easily moved the dirt and sludge inside the bin and left the inside gleaming. I did the outside too and in total, it took about five minutes.

water table covered in algae before cleaning

The water table had been left outside all year, getting covered in dirt, plant matter and algae

(Image credit: Bethan Davis)

Next, I moved on to cleaning some of my son’s outdoor toys. He has a fountain factory, which we keep outside all year round, so it was full of dead leaves, algae, insects and other garden matter. The Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 was perfect for cleaning this and left it looking almost as good as new. Along with using it to blast his sandpit and water toys, this took another five minutes.

Cleaned kids water table

The Worx Hydroshot was great for gently cleaning organic matter from the plastic

(Image credit: Bethan Davis)

Stone floor areas
Impressed with how the Hydroshot had cleaned the stubborn grime from the bin and toys, I thought I would try it on some of the patio slabs. The Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 has ten times the pressure of an ordinary garden hose, but it does recommend that it’s used for items that don’t require very high water pressure. 

Although it did clear the moss and some of the dirt from my slabs, they weren’t left as clean as when I used our Karcher K7 Premium Smart Control pressure washer. It also took a lot longer to clean one slab, as you have to use the nozzle on the highest setting which means the spray isn’t very wide. However, if you didn’t have the option to use a mains pressure washer and you cleaned the slabs regularly, I imagine it would do a better job than having to scrub them manually.

before and after of the stonework on a patio cleaned by the Worx Hydroshot

The Worx Hydroshot will do a much better job than a broom and hose, but isn't as quick and powerful as you might want for large expanses of patio

(Image credit: Bethan Davis)

Glass and gutter cleaning
We have our windows cleaned once a month, but after my three-year old and his friends had been splashing around in the paddling pool, they had splashed dirty water all over the back windows. I also noticed that the gutters were coated with dust and vegetation in some areas, so used the Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 on pressure 15, with the lance, so I could reach. Most of the dirt came away easily and it was fine for a quick clean, but didn’t leave the glass spotless. You could use the soap bottle, which is included, if you wanted to do a proper job of cleaning the windows, then follow this up with the brush for stubborn grime.

French doors after pressure washer cleaning

The glass and PVCu were left free from dirt but not spotless

(Image credit: Bethan Davis)

Car cleaning
I very rarely clean my car, simply because I don’t have the time. But as the Hydroshot is so quick to put together and use, it might make me clean the car more regularly. Firstly, I used the lance on the highest setting to remove loose debris. I then mixed some car shampoo with water in the soap bottle, (following the ratio on the car shampoo bottle), removed the lance and attached the soap bottle. Again, this is really easy as all the accessories are removed and replaced in the same way.

Worx pressure washer detergent bottle being used on a car

The soap dispenser is great for quickly covering your car in detergent

(Image credit: Bethan Davis)

I covered the car in a layer of soap and let it settle for a few minutes. I then connected the brush to give the car a rinse and scrub. The bristles are quite soft, so you won’t damage the paint work, but they don’t remove stubborn dirt, such as on the alloys or around the front grill. I then finished, by attaching the lance again to give it a final rinse.

For a quick clean, it did the job. But it didn’t remove the stubborn dirt around my wheels, registration plates, grills and lights. It would be fine to use in between deep cleans, or to remove mud and dirt before it’s completely settled.

Worx Hydroshot pressure washer with brush

The brush works well for a quick and easy clean, but might not be stiff enough for ingrained dirt around wheels and registration plates

(Image credit: Bethan Davis)

Cleaning other objects
My partner is a keen fisherman and often camps overnight while fishing. He said that he could see the benefits of taking something so lightweight and portable with him, to help wash down his kit and camping equipment before packing it away. It would also be great for cleaning other sporting equipment too, such as surf boards, kayaks, hiking boots, mountain bikes and diving equipment.

Worx Hydroshot pressure washer with watering attachment

The pressure washer can be used with or without the extension lance

(Image credit: Worx)

For those without an outdoor tap, the Hydroshot is a great alternative to a garden hose or watering can as the nozzle also has a watering option. The foldable bucket carries a lot more water than a watering can too, so you wouldn’t have to make so many trips to and from the tap, saving you time and getting the job done more quickly.

woman watering plants with Worx pressure washer

(Image credit: Worx)

Ease of use

As I own a pressure washer and have used other pressure washers in the past, the operation of the Hydroshot is very similar. What is unique to the Worx Hydroshot, compared to other pressure washers, is just how light and compact it is. You can hold and use it with just one hand – even my three-year-old had a go and had no problems (supervised, of course).

Removing and replacing the accessories is also very simple, as is changing between the different pressures.

For most of the power washing, I attached my garden hose, but I did use the bucket and hose system on the wheelie bin, garden pots and a bit of the patio. It surprised me how efficiently the Hydroshot pulls through water and I was able to do a lot with just one bucket full. Still, you need to remember this is for quick cleaning on the go, so those wanting to clean a whole patio using the suction hose and bucket will find it will take lots of trips to a tap to get enough water to finish the job.

Worx pressure washer bucket and hose

The big pull of the Worx Hydroshot is that you can use the bucket and hose attachment when there is no mains water supply

(Image credit: Bethan Davis)

Additional features of the Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 cordless pressure washer

The Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 20V MAX Cordless Portable Pressure Cleaner Kit, is part of Worx’s PowerShare range, which enables you to share the 20V battery with other Worx tools in the same range. This saves money and space when it comes storage, but also gives you the option to have spare batteries for convenience. The batteries charge in three hours and the battery charger shows you when the battery is fully charged. A red light on the charger indicates that there is a problem, such as the battery is too hot and the charger attempts to repair any issues. Although I didn’t test it to the limit, Worx claims that it delivers enough power to run through three full tanks of water on a single charge. I found it reached the half hour battery expectancy with no problem and still had some charge left.

The hose has a built-in filter on the end, which enables you to draw water from any fresh water source, whether that be a bucket, bottle, or even a lake or stream.

The storage bag is great too, as it keeps everything stored together, nice and tidy, whilst being easy to transport. It’s so compact, that it won’t take up much room in your car. This is where the Worx Hydroshot really has its USP – for those needing to clean on the go.

using the Worx Hydroshot pressure washer on a patio

(Image credit: Bethan Davis)

How does it rate?

I have rated the Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 four and a half stars, due to it being versatile, compact, easy to use and effective. If I was comparing it to other corded pressure washers, I wouldn’t have rated it as highly as it’s simply not as powerful, but the website does warn you that it is not suitable for jobs that require very high water pressure. Therefore I considered it a separate product and felt it really hit the mark for quick cleaning, wherever you are.

Most other reviewers rate the kit highly, averaging about four and a half stars too. Those who have said it is poor have expected higher pressure and for it to be able to quickly complete the task of how to clean a patio, cars and decking. If you are after a pressure washer for cleaning large surfaces and cars, the Worx Hydroshot WG629E.1 is not the one (and Worx makes it clear that it has not been designed for these jobs).

The four and five star reviewers have commended it for how it can save you time for jobs where you’d usually use a garden hose, how convenient and versatile it is and how long the battery lasts.

I have already highly recommended the Worx WG629E.1 20V MAX Cordless Hydroshot pressure cleaner to my friend who doesn’t have an outdoor tap.

About this review and our reviewer

Bethan Davis is a PR Officer from the Midlands, working in the leisure and tourism industry. She lives with her fiancé, two little boys and two cats and has a mature garden with plenty of patio space. She has previously tested corded pressure washers and was keen to see how a cordless model compared, so put it to work on a variety of cleaning tasks around her home over a period of a few weeks.

Bethan Davis

Bethan works in PR for the tourism industry and lives with her fiancé, sons Danny and Finn, and Jasper and Leo the cats. She loves being in the garden, but prefers to spend her time relaxing there rather than gardening, so is always on the lookout for tools that will keep her space looking its best without take up loads of family time.