Best outdoor rocking chairs: stylish and comfortable rockers

The best outdoor rocking chairs for your front porch or backyard; including space-saving folding rockers and the ultimate outdoor swivel rocking chair

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A rattan outdoor rocking chair on an outdoor patio area with a sectional sofa and a vista of mountains behind
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Looking for the best outdoor rocking chairs? This front porch essential is the perfect place to while away a sunny afternoon, and with both classic and contemporary options on offer there are now styles to suit any outdoor space. 

Whether you want a folding rocking chair that can be stored away when not in use – or packed up and taken on vacation – or a super comfortable outdoor swivel rocking chair for the ultimate in backyard relaxation, we've rounded up the crème de la crème of the best outdoor rockers.

If you want to explore more patio furniture options, you'll find a wide range in our guide to the best outdoor furniture, but if a rocking chair is the outdoor seating for you, read on to find the best buy for your outside space. 

Best outdoor rocking chairs

A wicker and white aluminum outdoor rocking chair with an orange pillow in the garden

(Image credit: Coral Coast)

1. Coral Coast Senola Beach Aluminum and Woven Wicker Rocker

Best outdoor rocking chair: a stylish rocker made from durable weather-proof materials

Dimensions: H39.5" x W31" x D24.5"
Color options: White
Materials: Powder-coated aluminum and PE wicker
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum frame+Attractive and weather-resistant PE wicker+Low-maintenance+Compact design+PE wicker doesn't get too hot or too cold
Reasons to avoid
-Need to add your own cushions-Fairly short rockers

Offering just the right blend of modern and classic, this outdoor rocking chair will suit a wide range of patio styles. 

A white powder-coated aluminum frame makes for clean and contemporary lines, whilst the metal's natural rust-resistance and lightweight build makes for a durable and easy to move chair.

Outdoor weather-resistance is furthered by the frost and moisture-resistant PE wicker seat and back. The subtle tones and convincing woven design cleverly emulate the real thing, yet the synthetic resin makes for seating that can weather the elements with no upkeep necessary.

A pair of white rocking chairs on a front porch with shuttered windows behind

(Image credit: Mainstays)

2. Mainstays Outdoor Wood Porch Rocking Chair

Best traditional outdoor rocking chair: simple and classic design

Dimensions: H45" x W26.25" x D34"
Color options: White, black, brown, natural, red, turquoise
Materials: FSC-certified acacia wood
Reasons to buy
+Classic design+Curved seat and backrest+FSC-certified wood+Range of color options+Wood doesn't get too hot or too cold
Reasons to avoid
-Need to add your own cushions

For classic simplicity, we love the traditional style of this wooden rocking chair. You can opt for two shades of natural acacia wood, or plump for a painted version in classic black or white, or vibrant red or turquoise. 

Crafted from FSC-certified acacia wood that designates the timber has been harvested from sustainably managed forests, the hardwood design will weather the elements well, offering durability and longevity outdoors - although you might want to top up with a wood preservative or repaint (depending on the finish you opt for) to ensure greatest longevity.

The design has been well thought out too, with a contoured seat, curved back, and high arm rests designed to make sitting a pleasure, and with its low thermal conductivity wood makes for a comfortable sitting experience all year round - neither too hot or too cold to the touch. 

A pair of Acapulco style outdoor rocking chairs in black on a front porch

(Image credit: Corvus)

3. Corvus Sarcelles Modern Wicker Patio Rocking Chairs (Set of 2)

Best modern outdoor rocking chairs: contemporary Acapulco-style rockers

Dimensions: H31" x W27.5" x D34.6"
Color options: Black, grey, dark blue, peacock
Materials: PE wicker and metal frame
Reasons to buy
+Contemporary design+Sculptural form+PE wicker doesn't get too hot or too cold
Reasons to avoid
-Need to add your own cushions-You might miss having armrests

Although the idea of a rocking chair might conjure up images of elders sitting knitting on the porch, there's nothing old-fashioned about this set of contemporary Acapulco-style rockers. 

Available in grey, black, navy and vibrant peacock blue, these sculptural rockers will create a stylish focal point on the porch, or in the backyard. 

Designed to tip you slightly backwards before you even start rocking, the circular chair shape is intended to cocoon – although we recommend adding some outdoor cushions or a throw to make them even more comfortable.

It is just worth noting that the rockers on this chair are fairly steep, which makes for a deeper rock compared to shallower rockers.

A pair of wooden outdoor rocking chairs with cream upholstered cushions in a leafy backyard

(Image credit: Christopher Knight Home)

4 .Christopher Knight Home Casa Outdoor Acacia Wood Rocking Chairs (Set of 2)

Best outdoor rocking chair with cushions: timeless acacia wood with comfortable padding

Dimensions: H38.25" x W27.8" x D37.25"
Color options: Wood
Materials: Acacia wood and polyester
Reasons to buy
+Timeless design+Long rockers give a leisurely rock+Cushions included+Wood doesn't get too hot or too cold
Reasons to avoid
-Wood not labelled as FSC-certified

A timeless wooden frame crafted from solid acacia wood is paired with neutral seat and back cushions in this comfortable rocker set.

The simple slatted design works well in a range of outdoor settings – from classic to contemporary – whilst the sloped arms and water-resistant padded upholstery make for a relaxing seat.

Wide rockers also further the restful vibes, giving this chair a gentle, soothing back and forth motion.

Whilst the wood may need a little upkeep to ensure its longevity, the hardwood design will be fairly durable outdoors, although it is disappointing not to see FSC-certification on this model. 

A pair of dark brown wicker outdoor swivel rocking chairs

(Image credit: Harlie & Stone)

5. Harlie & Stone Outdoor Swivel Rocker Patio Chairs (Set of 2)

Best outdoor swivel rocking chairs: the ultimate in porch seating

Dimensions: H35" x W28" x D29"
Color options:
Reasons to buy
+Swivel and rock+Comfortable cushions included+Matching coffee table included
Reasons to avoid
-An investment-Requires self-assembly

If back and forth motion isn't enough, then this outdoor swivel rocking chair enables you to rotate 360 degrees too, offering all types of motion in one. 

The two-piece all-weather rattan set also comes with the comfortable padded seat and back cushions included, which, upholstered in a crisp light beige, contrast well with the dark colored wicker. 

The set also includes a small but useful matching coffee table, so you're equipped with everything you need for a restful conversational set – after you've assembled the furniture that is... self-assembly is fairly straightforward, but it is a lot simpler with two pairs of hands, so it's worth factoring into your buying decision. 

A grey zero-gravity folding rocking chair by the side of a turquoise swimming pool

(Image credit: Outsunny)

6. Outsunny Folding Zero Gravity Rocking Lounge Chair

Best folding outdoor rocking chair: space-saving and portable design

Dimensions: H40" x W26.5" x D47"
Color options: Grey, black, beige
Materials: Powder-coated steel and polyester
Reasons to buy
+Folding+Can be used as static reclining chair or rocker+Space-saving and easily portable+Quick-dry, breathable mesh fabric+Removable headrest included+Cup holder included
Reasons to avoid
-Steel can rust if powder-coating is chipped-Metal can get hot in the sun and feel cold in cool temperatures

If outdoor space is tight, or you just want an option that can be easily stored away when not in use – and packed up and taken on vacation – then this folding rocking chair could be the space-saving solution you're looking for. 

The zero-gravity design is built with two options in one – either use as a static recliner chair with adjustable backrest positions, or flip over the base supports to transform into a rocker – meaning you can lay down and rock soothingly. Bliss!

We would have preferred the frame to be made of a lighter weight aluminum rather than steel, but it's still fairly transportable and, because of the steel construction, very affordable. 

The quick-drying breathable mesh upper also makes the recliner perfect for the poolside, and a detachable headrest and cup holder ensure your every need is considered.

How to choose the best outdoor rocking chair

Style may be your main consideration when choosing the best outdoor rocking chair for you, but there are some other points that are worth factoring into your decision. We've rounded up the key factors to consider below.

Pay attention to the depth and height of the rockers when you're shopping. A shorter, steeper rocker will make for a quite abrupt back and forth motion when you tilt, whereas a wider, shallower rocker will make for a gentler and potentially more soothing rocking motion. 

If you want your rocking chair to last for a good few years to come, then it's worth taking a closer look at the materials used in its manufacture. We've collated some of the main pros and cons of each material:

  • Wood If you opt for a wooden rocking chair then look for hardwoods like teak, acacia or eucalytpus that have good durability outdoors. Stay away from cheaper softwoods or furniture where the wood type isn't specified. Wood has low thermal conductivity so doesn't get too hot or too cold and can be a sustainable option – look for FSC-certification to ensure the timber is from well-managed forests. It can retain moisture for a while after a downpour though.
  • Metal Although it doesn't absorb water, steel can corrode when exposed to moisture. To prevent rusting, steel outdoor furniture is generally powder-coated to make it weather-resistant, so make sure to repaint any chips promptly to maintain the protective barrier. Aluminum is naturally rust-resistant so makes a great material for outdoor use. A painted aluminum finish is purely for decoration rather than protection so you won't need to do any upkeep. It's also a far more lightweight option than steel, although it will often be the more expensive metal of the two. Metal conducts heat very well so can get very hot or very cold, but it can be wiped off when wet and will dry quickly outdoors.
  • PE rattan or wicker Made from synthetic polymers PE, polyrattan or all-weather rattan doesn't absorb any moisture which makes it a good  – and generally affordable – option for outdoor furniture. If you can, look for items that are manufactured from recycled plastics and furniture that recycled again at the end of its life. Generally all-weather rattan furniture is built with a metal frame, so apply the same considerations as with the metal options above when shopping. PE rattan has low thermal conductivity so remains a comfortable temperature whatever the weather and is easy to wipe dry after a shower, although some polyrattans can fade when exposed to continuous UV light – if possible look for fade-resistant options, or store undercover to increase longevity.

Again this comes down to the materials you opt for. Hardwoods like teak, eucalyptus or acacia will generally weather well outside, but their lifespan will be prolonged by a regular top up with a wood preservative (if in a natural finish) or a repaint (if a painted finish). Powder-coated metals like steel shouldn't need much upkeep, but if the paint becomes chipped the metal underneath will rust, so any knocks to the powder-coating will need to be resealed promptly. Moisture-resistant aluminum and PE rattan or wicker are the most low-maintenance options, requiring no external input to maintain their weather resistancy – although for all types of outdoor furniture storing undercover in the worst of weathers will increase its longevity.

How to style
Perfect for the porch or backyard, an outdoor rocking chair looks good pretty much anywhere. Group in a set of two to create a conversational set, or use one in a secluded spot of the backyard in sightline with the best views of the garden. For additional style points, team with outdoor cushions and one of the best outdoor rugs to create a relaxed and comfortable seating area. And, of course, for more outside inspiration, make sure to check out our backyard ideas page for plenty of patio style tips.

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