Experts predict we're going to be gathering around this garden essential at Christmas

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... pit

outdoor corner sofa on decking with fire pit
(Image credit: Solus Decor)

Experts are predicting that the fire pit will play an essential role in this year's festivities. Having spent more time outdoors this past year due to Covid restrictions, we've learned that it really doesn't have to be hot and sunny for us to have a nice time.

Whether you're gathering around the fire with blankets and card games or roasting your Christmas turkey alfresco, the best fire pits are getting a lot of attention this year as we give our gardens and patios a hygge makeover.

firepit lit outdoors in the winter

(Image credit: Firepits UK)

Jonny Brierley, CEO of Moda Furnishings (opens in new tab), believes fire pit ideas are going to be a key Christmas trend for 2021. He comments that firelight helps to create a more intimate setting, allowing guests to unwind.

A comfy outdoor corner sofa, soft furnishings, lanterns, and the 'visual, psychological comfort' of a crackling fire will make your outdoor living space just as inviting — if not more so — than your interior. If you're using your fire pit as part of your Christmas celebrations this year, Jonny recommends throwing some cinnamon sticks onto a charcoal fire pit for an authentic Christmas aroma.

But a Christmas-time fire pit doesn't just create ambience. Thinking about BBQing the turkey? 'Moda Furnishings' fire pits have built-in BBQs so you're able to create magical moments without missing a thing,' Jonny adds. We also very much like the idea of heating mulled wine over a fire pit, as illustrated below. 

firepit lit outdoors in the winter

(Image credit: Firepits UK)

If you've been thinking about investing in one, check out the fire pits in the Black Friday garden deals — you might just nab yourself a bargain.

Homebase (opens in new tab)tells us that its sales of fire pits tripled between September 2020 and September this year. Customers have clearly been maximizing their outdoor spaces by turning their gardens into cozy sanctuaries.

people gathered around outdoor fire pit with blankets, christmas lights and lanterns

(Image credit: FirepitsUK)

It seems we won't be put off by wintry weather when a fire pit's involved: Firepits UK (opens in new tab) says that last year, customers were sharing photos of their fire pits cooking in deep snow. The fire pit retailer makes the point that we sit out and eat on a skiing holiday, so why not do the same at home?

After all, after several hours playing Monopoly and eating festive treats in warm living rooms, some fresh air and a mulled wine might be a very welcome breather indeed.

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