Best time to buy a grill: top tips on when to buy a new BBQ

Wondering when is the best time to buy a grill? We’ve got the lowdown from the BBQ experts for you

best time to buy a grill, including Char-Broil grills
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Knowing the best time to buy a grill is crucial if you love the taste of food prepared in the open air – and that’s pretty much everyone, we reckon. For many, the outdoor cooking season begins from Memorial Day in May, and you’ll need to be prepared to grill for a crowd.

Of course, you might be considering when is the optimum point in the year to buy because you want a brilliant selection of grills, including the very latest best BBQ. But you could be wondering about the best time to buy a BBQ grill because you love the idea of snapping up a great deal. Fan of a particular brand? We know there are plenty of you asking about the best time to buy a Weber grill too.

But whether you’re looking to save or benefit from the widest selection of grills, we’ve got the insight you need from the experts when you’re buying a grill. 

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When is the best time to buy a grill?

If it’s the widest choice you’re after, the best time to buy a grill is early in the year. Here at Gardeningetc, we see grill research begins from March, and it peaks for the Memorial Day weekend. Our advice? ‘Get in early,’ says Beth Murton, editor of Gardeningetc. ‘Last year we saw buying peaks on two separate April weekends, one for Weber and the other for Char-Broil BBQs. To maximize your options – and to be ready to grill for your guests – you’ll want to be ahead of the Memorial Day buyers.’ 

Dawn Ritchie, garden leisure and structures category manager at B&Q, agrees that looking promptly is the key to getting the grill you want. ‘Our best stock availability for barbecues is just before peak season begins, so keep an eye out in March/April time,’ she says.

James Ash of Que Fresco, an importer and wholesaler of BBQs and smokers, echoes this. ‘Stock is usually highest from March onwards, and there will be the largest choice of items at that time, even if not fully hitting some retailers until Easter,’ he advises.

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As well as getting the biggest choice, early season buyers will also be ready to take advantage of the weather. Lauren Sheridan of the product marketing team at outdoor furniture designers LeisureGrow Products says: ‘Buy early so that in the event of a warm Easter – as we have seen in the last two years – you have the option to cook for guests outdoors and really use your garden as an extended event space for friends and family.’

Nick Coleman, CEO and co-founder of makers of kamodo-style BBQs Snaffling Pig also recommends being prepared for a fair weather window. ‘You get some lovely spring days when having a small trial run on the BBQ can be a real treat,’ he says.

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Buying early in the year can be a great time to get a new Char-Broil grill

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How to grab a great deal on a grill or BBQ

The best time to buy a grill if you’re a deal hunter? There are a few different opportunities in the year you could take advantage of if you're searching for BBQ deals – and some of them might surprise you.

As well as yielding the greatest choice, look early in the year and you might get more for your money as well. ‘Often (and we’ll see if this rings true in 2022 too) 'pre-season' offers can happen from March as retailers look to get the ball rolling,’ says James Ash. ‘This may not be huge discounts, but can be additional items in bundles with savings to be had over recommended retail price.’

If you can wait it out, the best time to buy a Weber grill and other favorite brands could be over the summer months. ‘Lowe’s offers special values in-store and online every day, but during the warmer months, customers can find deals on products from brands customers know and trust like Weber and Char-Broil smokers and grills, patio sets, outdoor décor, tools and outdoor power equipment from top brands like EGO, Craftsman and Honda,’ says Colette Gelman of Lowe’s.

Coming into fall could also be the moment to snap up a bargain. ‘Due to being out of season in September/October, this is the best time to get a good-value barbecue which means you're ready for next year’s BBQ parties in good time,’ advises B&Q’s Dawn Ritchie.

Thinking Black Friday might be the best time to buy a grill? You’re right: it’s definitely a great opportunity to pick up a top buy when there are so many Black Friday garden deals on offer. The inside track from the team here at Gardeningetc is that lots of people grab Black Friday BBQ deals – and you shouldn’t miss out on this chance to join the money-savers. Plus, with our winter grilling tips, there's no need to wait until the warmer weather arrives to make the most of your new buy either.

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If you're ready to get your hands on a new grill right now, you'll find our suggestions for the top buys at the best prices below. 

And if you can't decide between a charcoal or gas BBQ, our expert guide has lots of tips to help you make the right decision, plus we've got plenty of expert advice on how to light a BBQ to ensure you can make the most of your new buy.

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