Types of tulips: 15 stunning varieties to plant in your plot

Discover the perfect types of tulips for your borders and containers with these beautiful options for amazing spring color

Tulip 'Flaming Spring Green' - one of the best types of tulips
(Image credit: Sergey Kalyakin/Alamy Stock Photo)

There are so many different types of tulips that you are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to picking the perfect variety for your flowerbeds and containers. 

Making sure you have the right variety to suit your plot is just as important as learning when and how to plant tulip bulbs to ensure you create the best possible show of blooms. While digging their planting holes, imagine next spring when satiny petals will open wide in the sun and close at night. 

Tulips originate from an area from Turkey eastwards towards China through Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, growing in regions where springs are warm and moist, summers baking hot and winters cold.  Their cultivation as garden flowers probably began in Turkey, where long, elegant blooms flaring to points at the tips were favoured. They became the official flower of the Turkish Court and during the 1700s lavish tulip festivals were held. 

The popularity of these eye-catching blooms continues to endure, and there's plenty to inspire you to start planting bulbs in our edit of types of tulips for your plot. 

Add spring color with our favorite types of tulips

Whether you're looking for a classic tulip with an old-fashioned look or a variety that's ideal for cutting, you'll find what you need in our round-up of the best types of tulips for every plot. 

1. 'Hermitage'

close up of Tulipa 'Hermitage'

(Image credit: Mike Jarman/Alamy Stock Photo)

This fragrant sport of well-known ‘Prinses Irene’ bears large cup-shaped blooms of warm vermilion-orange with dramatic purplish flames seeping up from the base. Flowers open in April and May and are great for cutting. Height: 18in (45cm).

2. 'Olympic Flame'

yellow petals with red markings of a tulip 'Olympic Flame'

(Image credit: Christoper Burrows/Alamy Stock Photo)

Darwin hybrids are characterised by large flowers and clear colors and this tulip features red flames over a yellow base. Long-lasting blooms held on sturdy stems from late April into May make a bold statement. Height: 22in (55cm). 

3. ‘Rems Favourite’ 

purple and white tulip 'Rems Favourite'

(Image credit: Jana Grimova/Alamy Stock Photo)

White cup-shaped flowers are lit by glowing blackcurrant flames roaring up from the base. Like other Triumph tulips, blooms open from mid-April on strong stems able to stand difficult weather and performs well in a vase. Height: 20in (50cm).

4. ‘Ballade’ 

purple and white tulip 'Ballade'

(Image credit: Lesia Chuprynska/Alamy Stock Photo)

Shapely lily-flowered tulips are reminiscent of the elegant slim-wasted, pointed flowers favoured by the Ottoman Turks and used for tile designs dating back to the 1500s. This one bears mauve petals with white edges. Height: 22in (55cm).

5. ‘Florijn Chic’ 

yellow flowers of tulipa Florijn Chic

(Image credit: Sergey Kalyakin/ Alamy Stock Photo)

Fresh lemon yellow petals with white running up the centers terminate in points and form goblet-shaped flowers opening in May. These are versatile tulips perfect for garden borders, containers or cutting. Height: 18in (45cm).

6. ‘Marianne’

tulip 'Marianne' in spring

(Image credit: Chris Bosworth/Alamy Stock photo)

Warm fruity tones of peach and mango light up lily-shaped blooms opening in April and May. Closed they are a shapely flute but coaxed apart by sunshine, the petals curve. Good for borders and cutting. Height: 20in (50cm).

7. ‘Artist’ 

Tulip 'Artist'

(Image credit: Avalon.red/Alamy Stock Photo)

Viridiflora types of tulips have a quantity of green in the petals, in this case joined by apricot flushed with deeper purplish salmon tones. A useful, short tulip great for windy sites and container gardening ideas. Height: 12in (30cm).

8. ‘Florosa’ 

pink tulip 'Florosa'

(Image credit: Matthew Taylor/Alamy Stock Photo)

Mid to late season flowers are shapely and distinctive, with flared petals. Classic green ‘Viridiflora’ stripes decorate the middle of each over creamy-white at the base, and suffused with warm pink towards the tips. Height: 14in (35cm).

9. ‘Flaming Spring Green’ 

tulip 'Flaming Spring Green'

(Image credit: Sergey Kalyakin/Alamy Stock Photo)

The extravagantly marked flowers bear petals with strong green flames and flashes of purple red, especially on the inside. Blooms look great in a vase and open in late April and May. Height: 20in (50cm). 

10. 'Black Parrot'

tulip 'Black Parrot'

(Image credit: John Richmond/Alamy Stock Photo)

Among the most characterful and sumptuous types of tulips, the parrots bear large flowers of waved and crested petals. This old cultivar flowering mid to late May resembles glossy purple and black silk. Height: 20in (50cm).

You'll find plenty more suggestions for the best black plants in our dedicated guide. 

11. 'Comet'

Tulip 'Comet'

(Image credit: Karen Lynes/Petemyssen.com)

Crimped and pleated petals in warm, coppery tones of red, yellow and orange with the odd green flash create large, full blooms contrasting well with other spring flowers and foliage. Great for cutting too. Height: 20in (50cm).

Add these to your bulb lasagne ideas to guarantee a colorful spring display. 

12.  ‘Estella Rijnveld’

Tulip 'Estella Rijnveld'

(Image credit: Thrillerfillerspiller/Alamy Stock Photo)

Bright and eye-catching, the mid to late May blooms bear fringed, irregular petals of satiny white, with raspberry red markings and odd splashes of green. Plant 6in (15cm) apart so blooms have plenty of space to show off. Height: 20in (50cm). 

13. ‘Carnaval de Rio’

Tulip 'Carnaval de Rio'

(Image credit: AY Images/Alamy Stock Photo)

All types of tulips are a great option for the best cutting garden flowers, but some lend themselves especially well to vases. This tall, fragrant single late tulip has a truly festive air, with warm tongues of flame licking white petals. Height: 20in (50cm).

14. ‘Orange Princess’ 

Tulip 'Orange Princess'

(Image credit: Mike Jarman/Alamy Stock Photo)

This double, fragrant peony-flowered tulip will charm everyone with petals of warm orange, shaded with yellow and featherings of red and green. Dropping a 2p coin in the water is said to help keep stems straight. Height: 12in (30cm).

15.  ‘Danceline’

tulip 'Danceline'

(Image credit: Tibesty/Alamy Stock Photo)

When fully open in April and May the double, fragrant peony-like flowers have the voluptuousness of almost-spent tulips in old Dutch paintings. Blooms are white with here and there small touches of raspberry and green. These make a great addition to any patio gardening ideas. Height: 16in (40cm).