Hot tub deals to shop today: grab an inflatable hot tub from just £200

Hot tub deals are in full swing, with up to 40% off Lay-Z-Spa, CleverSpa, and Canadian Spa models. But you'll need to move quickly as these deals won't be around for long

Hot tub deals: Intex PureSpa Plus 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Bubble Jet Spa in garden by pool
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Looking for hot tub deals? You're in the right place. We've rounded up all the top hot tub deals on offer right now, including up to 40% off Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tubs and Canadian Spa models – look out for a fantastic £450 saving on a hi-tech hot tub with integrated LED lighting and aromatherapy system – and the cheapest inflatable hot tub you can buy right now – a 4-person inflatable for just £200!

After all, as outdoor temperatures cool, now is the perfect time to extend your enjoyment of the garden with a heated jacuzzi, or just bag a bargain ready for when warmer weather rolls around, and with these prices, you can be soaking your cares away in a soothing outdoor jacuzzi for much less than you may have thought. 

Want to know what you should be looking for when buying a hot tub first? Dive into our guide to the best hot tubs around for all of the detail. Then, whether it's a two-, four- or six-seater hot tub you decide on, you'll find all the top hot tub deals on offer below.

Hot tub deals: an A-Z of hot tub sales happening now


Amazon | SALE NOW ON
Amazon is currently offering some great deals on inflatable hot tubs, with both Lay-Z-Spa and MSpa discounts to be found.

All Round Fun

All Round Fun | SALE NOW ON
All Round Fun has discounts on several Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tubs right now, as well as savings on MSpa and Avenli inflatables.


Argos doesn't actually have a sale on right now, but it does have some of the cheapest hot tubs out there - even at full price - with the CleverSpa Inyo and Onyx available for just £265.


Homebase | SALE NOW ON
Homebase is offering some great deals on hot tubs right now, plus, you can now get an extra 5% off all lines (including sale lines) with this exclusive discount code.

Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas | SALE NOW ON
Robert Dyas is one of the few retailers to be offering discounts on both portable inflatable hot tubs and static acrylic hot tubs right now. You can save on both Intex and Canadian Spa brands.

The top hot tub deals you can shop right now

The best value hot tub deals available right now, with big savings on Lay-Z-Spa, CleverSpa, and more.

By price: Low to high

Wave Atlantic 2-4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £455
A 4-person hot tub for just £200? Yes please!

Wave Atlantic 2-4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £455 now £200 (save £255) at Homebase
For a 4-person inflatable hot tub, Wave's Atlantic model is a good size, offering an 800L water capacity. The water heats up to 39˚C and 105 massaging air jets are on hand to offer an underwater massage. It also now has £255 off for a limited time only at Homebase, making it our top sale buy at just £200. Bargain! 

Wave Atlantic 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £520
A great value 6-person hot tub for just £255

Wave Atlantic 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £520 now £225 (save £295) at Homebase
This time in blue, Wave's 6-person Atlantic hot tub offers a 1000L water capacity with 39˚C water heating and 130 massaging air jets. It has £295 off for a limited time only at Homebase – an amazing deal.

CleverSpa Inyo 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £265 at Argos
The cheapest hot tub with freeze-prevention for year-round use

CleverSpa Inyo 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £265 at Argos
Although it's not actually in the sale, this is still the cheapest hot tub with 'freeze-technology' (that allows year-round use) that you can buy right now. It has also features a generous 800L water capacity, plus 110 air jets for underwater massage.

Lay-Z-Spa Milan 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £699.99
A 6-person hot tub with integrated smart tech and LED lights

Lay-Z-Spa Milan 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £699.99 now £399.99 (save £300) at The Range
For the tech-savvy, this large 6-person 916L hot tub is equipped with Wi-Fi controls, so you can start the spa waters heating – or even control the two levels of massaging jets – from the convenience of your mobile or voice-activated device. Clever. Freeze-prevention also offers year-round use.

Canadian Spa Grand Rapids 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £899.99

Canadian Spa Grand Rapids 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £899.99 now £449.99 (save £450) at Robert Dyas
The Canadian Spa Grand Rapids hot tub aims to one-up its competitors by offering integrated LED lights and an aromatherapy system that provides soothing scents to help you unwind. It also offers a three-speed air massage functionality, although there is no freeze-prevention system, so you'll need to wait for milder weather to enjoy.

Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki 5-7 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £899

Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki 5-7 Person Inflatable Hot Tub | £899 now £615 (save £284) at Amazon
The thin, rigid walls of the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki allow it to hold a whopping 1123L of water, plus its 'Freeze Shield' technology allows you to use the hot tub all year round. Add in the Nordic-inspired faux wood panel print and you have one of the roomiest, and most stylish, inflatable hot tubs you can buy.

Canadian Spa Okanagan 4 Person Hot Tub | £3,099.99

Canadian Spa Okanagan 4 Person Hot Tub | £3,099.99 now £2,944.99 (save £155) at Robert Dyas
If you want something a little more substantial than an inflatable hot tub – and are willing to increase your budget to get that – then this deal on the 4-Person Okanagan hot tub from Canadian Spa is one of the best we've found. Multi-colour LED lights and 10 massaging jets set the scene for relaxation.

Canadian Spa Gander 4 Person Hot Tub | £4,199.99

Canadian Spa Gander 4 Person Hot Tub | £4,199.99 now £3,989.99 (save £210) at Robert Dyas
Another brilliant option for a discounted static tub. Kitted out with multi-coloured LED lighting, 14 jets, a two-speed pump and an 'Ozone' water care system to keep the water clean, it will instantly elevate your outdoor living space. Accommodates four.

The best deals on hot tub essentials

Investing in a hot tub isn't just about the initial purchase, there's also the (less exciting) hot tub maintenance to consider. 

From hot tub water testing kits to chlorine and pH. adjustment packs, it's worth stocking up on the essentials for everyday running whilst they're on offer – or at least at the best price around. 

We've rounded up the essentials and accessories you might need below.

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Drinks and Food Holder | £11.99

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Drinks and Food Holder | £11.99 now £9.84 (save £2.15) at Amazon
This inflatable-spa accessory is super convenient for keeping drinks and snacks to hand while you enjoy your hot tub. It's compatible with all Lay-Z-Spa designs (except for the Monaco model), and is currently 18% off.

Hot Tub Testing Strip Kits | £12.99

Hot Tub Testing Strip Kits | £12.99 now £11.99 (save £1) at Amazon
A pack of 100 testing strips to check your hot tub water for four all-important levels; chlorine, bromine, total alkalinity and pH. Just dip the pool testing strip in the water and within 60 seconds you'll be able to compare your test strip to the colour chart on the bottle to read your levels.

Clearwater Chemical Starter Kit for Hot Tub Water Treatment | £25.54

Clearwater Chemical Starter Kit for Hot Tub Water Treatment | £25.54 now £22.97 (save £2.57) at Amazon
It might not be a huge saving, but the discounts on everyday essentials all add up. This popular hot tub starter pack includes all the chemicals you need to keep your water bacteria-free – including 500g chlorine, 700 g pH minus, 500 g pH plus, 500 ml foam remover, 25 test strips and a dosing guide.

When are the best hot tub deals?

The best hot tub deals are generally found at a few key times of year; Black Friday and either the Boxing Day or January sales. 

Often hailed as the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday falls on the last Friday of November, so the next time it will roll around is Friday 25th November 2022.

The term Black Friday originated in the US to denote the first day following Thanksgiving when retailers would cut prices to draw holidaymakers to shop their store's sales. Driven by global brands, the price-slashing event soon crossed the pond, and now Black Friday – closely followed by Cyber Monday – has become one of the UK's biggest consumer extravaganzas, rivaling traditional Boxing Day sales. 

The event has also spread to encompass more than one day, with many retailers starting their discount events earlier and earlier each year.

Next up are the Boxing Day or New Year's Day sales. This is often an opportunity for retailers to clear any remaining stock of last year's lines, which – as long as you don't mind not having the very latest of hot tub models – can make a great time to get a hot tub bargain.

However, these dates aren't the only times to score a hot tub deal, and on this page we keep you informed of all the best prices to be found each month

Of course, as with any sale, it's important to keep a level head and not get too swayed by the price reductions. Making sure to compare water capacity, specifications, and whether the hot tub offers freeze-protection to allow year-round use can also be just as important as the discount.  

You can also find great savings on other big-ticket outdoor purchases on our garden furniture deals page.

In-stock hot tubs

Hot tubs deals tend to sell out fast, so if a sale deal has disappeared by the time you click, then browse these real-time best buys to see more great offers in-stock and available today. Simply scroll to the right to see additional options at a gradually increasing price, then click to be taken through to the retailer to shop.

Lay-Z-Spa hot tub deals

If you already know that you want a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub – one of the best-known inflatable hot tub brands – and are trying to score one at the cheapest possible price, then we can help find you one within your budget with our deal finder below. 

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