Driveway lighting ideas: 10 smart solutions to light the way home

Illuminate the exterior of your property with welcoming driveway lighting ideas that are clever and practical too

driveway lighting ideas
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Brightening up your home with clever and practical driveway lighting ideas creates a more welcoming entrance for guests and visitors, as well as boosting curb appeal and making a strong first impression.

It's important to get driveway lighting right as it's one of the first things that greets you. There's lots of choice too when it comes to what style to choose. Decide if you want directional lighting to illuminate steps and any other changes in level, as well as lighting doorways or entrance points, or feature lighting purely to enhance the look. Or you could opt for a combination of both.

Making lighting feel like an integral part of your driveway ideas is key to the success of the design. It can be bold and edgy or more low key. If you are looking for a more traditional or vintage look, consider wall sconces or lamp-post style lights, while lantern designs will add a magical glow to your front porch.

10 driveway lighting ideas to transform your front yard

From path lights and ground lights for marking a perimeter and increasing visibility at night to exterior wall lights to brighten the driveway and add an attractive feature, we've found all the options you'll need when it comes to driveway lighting ideas. Get ready to switch up your driveway design now.

1. Integrate lights into driveway design features

paved front garden showing inset lighting design

Post lights are ideal for a smart, contemporary finish

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Post lights are a super-smart option and can be inserted into planted beds and gravel insets as part of your landscaping design. They can be particularly effective as a finishing touch for gravel driveways

Choose sleek modern styles with options for variable height and motion sensor activation. Some also have a variable twilight setting, allowing you to decide how dark it needs to be before the light switches on.

As well as casting a welcoming glow, post lights have a practical use too. 'Post lights are typically placed along the outline of your driveway or low garden walls to illuminate the front of your home,' says John McCallister, lighting expert at 'You can choose from various shapes, sizes and materials to match your front yard landscaping.'  

2. Get the glow with ground lights

drive with railing and lighting and big house

Co-ordinate driveway paving with exterior house lights for a stylish look (created by Adsun Landscaping using Drivesys paving from Marshalls)

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When it comes to the most effective driveway lighting ideas, ground lights are a popular choice because they give the driveway a modern look, are unobtrusive and relatively easy to install. Ground lights are generally sold individually and come in a range of colors and shapes, so you can get creative and add character to your driveway.

Often recessed, ground lights offer an inviting way to elevate your driveway lighting. They can be landscaped in underneath trees, in flower beds or incorporated into a range of different driveway materials

'If you’re looking for a quality finish, consider edging your driveway in a different paving type or contrasting colored kerb and use recessed lighting as a design feature that’s both stylish and practical,' suggests Anna Hampshire, head of marketing at Marshalls

3. Choose practical bollard lights for your driveway

post lighting in front garden

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When using your driveway in the evenings, it can be difficult to park your car due to the lack of natural light. The perfect solution for increased visibility is to install bollard lights. Illuminating your space with outdoor lights in this way is not only practical but will add a real wow moment to the exterior of your home.

'For a symmetrical, modern style we recommend bollard lights as they are ideal for lining the sides of the driveway for an even spread of light,' suggests Julian Page, head of design for BHS.

Bollard lights are one of the best budget driveway ideas as they're such an affordable option. They also give a bright and even illumination to the exterior of your home. Look for styles in sleek stainless steel that are rust resistant as well as being an energy efficient light source.

4. Illuminate the end of your driveway

drive with lighting and big house

Consider adding lighting to gates and walls at the end of your driveway too

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Make sure garden walls or fence ends are lit all year round for a clear and bright approach to your driveway. If you have architectural features such as a brick wall or a lovely driveway gate at the end it's also an opportunity to draw attention to them. Recessed lights in gate pillars are a great idea but post lights also work well if you don't have hard landscaped boundaries.

If you have a long driveway, positioning lights at the end also has a practical purpose as it's a good way of illuminating your house name or number to help visitors find their way.

5. Use driveway lighting to create ambience

house with crazy paving style driveway lit up at night

Highlight key features with your driveway lighting

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It's important to choose outdoor lighting ideas that fit the style of your home and the ambience you want to create. This means choosing designs that will work best with your landscaping and architectural features.

It's a great opportunity to enhance your exterior with the warm glow of multiple lights to get the effect you want to achieve. You can also use it to highlight any unusual features such as customized pavers or quirky planters to add personality to your lighting design and make it unique.

6. Consider wall-mounted lighting options

round wall light on garden wall

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If you want to brighten your driveway entrance with a contemporary look but don’t have room for path or ground lights, consider flush fitting outdoor wall lights. This is an ideal solution for those with limited outdoor space.

A large modern bulkhead or other circular wall light will beam plenty of light to show the way and greet visitors, cascading brightness into any setting. They are also a useful feature as a security measure, particularly if positioned around the front porch.

7. Plan driveway lights right from the get-go

large house and driveway with lights

Selection of lighting effects by Detail Lighting

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Discreet exterior in-ground path lights and angled spike lights are great solutions to create interest and depth in your driveway lighting ideas. But it's important to think about what exactly you want at the outset of a landscaping project and not leave it to chance.

'Exterior lighting for driveways is far easier and more effective if you plan it at the construction stage,' says Piero de Marchis, director of Detail Lighting. 'This not only gives you more options which are likely to be less intrusive, it enables you to custom install cabling before anything is built.' 

It's at this initial stage that you need to plan driveway drainage solutions too if you want to reduce the risk of standing water and help your plot's entrance look smarter for longer.

After all, there’s nothing worse than having to channel through a perfectly set driveway or dig up an immaculate lawn. But all is not lost if your lighting ideas end up being an afterthought. 'Advances in safe low-voltage lighting technology with discreet transformers have made external lighting much easier to retrofit, cheaper to run and more resistant to the elements,' adds Piero.

8. Light driveway boundaries

cobbled driveway with lighting

Built-in driveway lighting provides a subtle but stylish edge to your front yard (created by Darren Plumridge using Drivesys paving from Marshalls)

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Ground lights aren’t just for landscaping, but can be installed directly into the driveway surface too. Position ground lights on either edge of the driveway to guide parking and walking at night. 

Driveway lighting is very useful to establish a boundary to guide parking cars. Place ground lights or very low path lights along the edge of your driveway and up your walkway, so guests can be welcomed all the way to the front door. 

'Recessed lights can be installed as driveway edging,' says John McCallister of 'You should try to install it on the outer edge of your driveway space to illuminate the pathway. This will ensure everything is visible when you head out at night. '

Find out how to clean a driveway and keep everything looking super smart in your front yard at the same time.

9. Use lighting to boost your home's security

driveway and house lit up at night

Driveway lighting can be an effective way to deter intruders

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Driveway lighting ideas can make all the difference to increase visibility and security at night. For the best coverage, think about opting for powerful PIR (passive infra-red receiver) flood lights, which use sensors to detect motion. As vehicles pull up to the driveway or people approach the lighting will be automatically triggered.

You can also consider dusk ‘til dawn lights, that conveniently provide light without pressing a button, using photocell sensors that detect natural light levels and switch on and off accordingly. It's a good idea to combine your lighting with one or more of the best outdoor security cameras to enhance your security too. 

10. Opt for a modern look

wall light on garden wall

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Brick wall lights are one of the latest driveway lighting ideas that are guaranteed to add a modern touch to your front yard. They diffuse bright illumination outwards, providing maximum visibility in outdoor spaces. 

Match outdoor wall lights around your property for a uniform and well-designed effect. This will result in a smart look with the right level of warmth and brightness, with consistent levels of light when your fixtures are positioned at regular intervals.

How do you illuminate a driveway?

How you illuminate your driveway with lighting has a dramatic impact on your home. Exterior lights illuminate your property at night but how they look during the day too can impact your home's curb appeal. 

Current trends in driveway lighting are for minimal well-designed lighting that is unobtrusive, meaning it goes unnoticed during the day but performs its job well at dusk. It's generally best to go for a combination of ground lights, wall lights and post or bollard styles to illuminate your driveway.

One of the best ways to avoid things looking haphazard is to match exterior lights by making sure that every fixture has something in common such as the color, material or style of the lights. This will result in a cohesive driveway lighting scheme.

front garden lighting design with house and driveway

A combination of lighting designs creates a sleek, cohesive look for the exterior of this property

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How do I light the exterior of a garage?

Garage door lighting is both functional and a way to add to the curb appeal of your home if you choose fixtures that match the style of the rest of your exterior lighting. If you already have exterior lighting near your door or along a fence choose outdoor garage lights that will match or complement these in style or color. Remember too that the lighting fixture you choose will have an impact on your exterior look during the day too.

'If you have multiple vehicles and you park one in front of the garage the best option is to install garage lights,' says John McCallister of 'These are typically installed above the garage door and will reflect downwards onto your car or driveway to make parking at night easier.'

Solar lights, fixtures with timers and motion detectors are all possible options when choosing exterior lighting for your garage. Motion detectors are important for home security too. Getting in and out of the car at night requires proper lighting so it's a good idea to line the wall of a garage with small, directional wall lights that will beam enough light downwards. 

Garage lights and driveway

Garage lighting can be both functional and stylish

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