Enclosed patio ideas: 13 ways to cover your seating space for indoor-outdoor living

These enclosed patio ideas will provide extra shelter and privacy for your backyard and are stylish, too

modern enclosed patio ideas with table and chairs
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If you're looking to shelter your paved space, enclosed patio ideas are a good solution. More permanent than a parasol, these structures offer a sturdy roof of sorts and sometimes walls. They range from extensions built directly onto the home (including sunrooms) to verandas, screens, and large gazebos – the options are almost endless. 

What ties all the different styles together is the fact that they are perfect for indoor-outdoor living, whatever the weather. This is because they'll enable you to enjoy fresh air and views all year round, whilst avoiding the sun or the rain. They're great for boosting the privacy of your patio ideas too. And, if you pick the right design, they can offer tons of stylistic appeal to your backyard.

Enclosed patio ideas: 13 stylish structures for your plot

If you don't already have one in your garden, these enclosed patio ideas will have you considering an update in no time.

1. Use to support a hanging sofa

swinging sofa chair on enclosed patio

Elevate your seating solutions

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A covered porch is just one example of enclosed patio ideas. It's a great option, as it will allow you to enjoy the indoors and outdoors seamlessly whilst staying protected from the elements. 

We love the warm tone of this wooden shelter contrasted against the bright white pillars – it's super smart and complements the railings and floor perfectly. And, if you're looking for outdoor seating ideas to include, then something like this is bound to turn heads. Such a sturdy roof overhead easily supports a hanging sofa, or for smaller spaces, why not opt for an on-trend egg chair?

2. Shelter a large outdoor living space

open outdoor living space with roof

Indoor-outdoor living at its finest

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Now more than ever, our backyards have become important extensions of our homes. This isn't just in terms of relaxing, but also for entertaining loved ones, dining, and even cooking up a storm with outdoor kitchen ideas

But if you live in a region where the weather can be temperamental (or searingly hot) then the idea of spending all that time outdoors can seem less desirable. Statement enclosed patio ideas like these are the solution.

A tall white roof keeps the space feeling light and airy. What's more, it's ample enough to support not only fans to keep temperatures cool, but also lighting, meaning the space will be useable any time of day or night. Smart columns and sleek paving elevate the look further.

3. Go for adjustable add-ons for versatility

Caribbean Blinds living pod in backyard

This stylish build is by Caribbean Blinds

(Image credit: Caribbean Blinds)

For ultimate versatility, consider opting for high-tech patio cover ideas, like in this set-up above. 

The chic outdoor bar and kitchen link seamlessly with a contemporary pergola. This provides 'an all-weather socializing spot for the adults, whilst allowing a full and unobstructed view of the children's play area,' (just out of shot) as explains Stuart Dantzic, Managing Director of Caribbean Blinds.

The slats on the pergola itself can be opened and closed depending on the clients' needs and it comes complete with pull-down screens which fully enclose the area. Lighting and even heating are installed too – making the space a functional and stylish zone for year-round use.

4. Pick a monochrome palette

modern enclosed patio ideas

Sleek and modern, what's not to love?

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Black and white is always a reliable choice for a fresh, modern vibe. And this scene, with its pale patio paving ideas and charcoal-hued features, makes a fantastic example.

It's a pared-down approach, with the fuss-free cover extending seamlessly from the home's exterior. An adjustable screen connects to the side, providing additional shelter. Meanwhile, eye-catching foliage in large containers and a woven-detailed dining set soften the look and provide stylish points of interest. It's a gorgeous space to sit and enjoy an alfresco dinner – come rain or shine – whilst admiring the view of the lawn.

5. Combine woven wood and floaty curtains for a seaside theme

patio cover with curtains and woven wicked roof

Nautical accessories make perfect additions to this enclosed patio

(Image credit: Simon Scarboro/Future)

If you're looking for a relaxed and beachy theme for your enclosed patio ideas, then take a cue from this set-up. 

A rustic wooden structure like this will add plenty of laid-back appeal whilst casting pretty shadows on the ground. Soft, billowing curtains will offer an extra feeling of shelter whilst they gently float back and forth in the breeze. It's an ideal duo if you're looking for garden privacy ideas.

We love the built-in bench too – it makes a great low-maintenance seating solution. If you're considering one for your own plot, don't forget to add plenty of comfy cushions. Blue and white make top choices for this scene as they enhance the nautical theme.

6. Create a bright and airy feel with lots of white

covered porch leading to modern interior

We adore this peaceful scene

(Image credit: Jon Day/Future)

Do you have a raised patio or deck extending from your home's back door? Then why not add a stylish upgrade with enclosed patio ideas?

This design positively shines with all its bright white features, offering a welcoming and serene feel. We adore the neat row of paper lanterns, the elegant table setting, and the stylish chairs.

Opting for plenty of glass overhead extends the feeling of space. What's more, you and your guests can enjoy the view of a beautiful blue sky or the pitter-patter of rain, all whilst remaining suitably sheltered – bliss.

Even the garden steps ideas have been chosen to complement the overall look, contributing to a real sense of flow throughout the space.

7. Position alongside a pool

enclosed patio with sofa and pool

A patio enclosure is an ideal place to relax post-swim

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If you've graced your garden with a beautiful pool, then a sheltered structure nearby is always a good idea. Not only is it useful for storing towels, pool accessories, and a change of clothes, but it will also give you a shaded spot for lounging post-swim.

Pool house ideas are one option, but you could also try something like this for a more open feel. Dress it like you would a living room for maximum comfort – think a cozy outdoor sofa, plenty of cushions, a coffee table, and even a garden rug underfoot.

The trellis-style support extending from one side of this build has also caught our eye – it's perfect for surrounding with the best climbing plants which will soften the scene with their green leaves. Pick a scented one to up the ambience even further.

8. Go for a clean and modern look

modern enclosed patio at night

This set-up is full of style

(Image credit: caia image/Alamy Stock Photo)

If you're a fan of clean lines and sleek finishes, then enclosed patio ideas like these might be the way forward. This simple set-up works beautifully with the rest of the home's exterior features – from the subtle glass fencing and smooth porcelain paving to the wide-paned windows. And what better way to make the most of that stunning vista?

Don't forget that with a roof like this, you can opt for recessed patio lighting ideas. These are a streamlined and pared-down approach that will add instant style. If you're looking for a little more romance, then dot oversized, candle-lit lanterns around the space.

9. Add a touch of tropical

outdoor living room with tropical style cover

We love the exotic vibes of this enclosure

(Image credit: Alecia Neo/Future)

To enjoy all those feel-good vacation vibes at home, you can't go wrong with tropical garden ideas. And, along with all the architectural foliage and bright, hot hues that go so well with this look, the theme can extend to your patio enclosure.

Take this wooden thatched style, for instance, which will transport any paved space to faraway lands. Simply fill with jungle-green chairs and azure blue accessories and surround with plenty of leafy plants to complete the scene. An island-style cocktail probably won't go amiss, either.

10. Shelter your outdoor dining space

covered porch with dining table

A perfect set-up for entertaining alfresco

(Image credit: Glasshouse Images/Alamy Stock Photo)

Eating a good meal with friends and family can be one of life's simplest yet greatest pleasures. And if it's enjoyed outdoors, in a warm summer breeze, even better.

A large dining set-up like this is full of rustic charm, and will make laid-back entertaining easy. Robust columns add a sense of old-world grandeur, whilst ceiling fans will keep things cool if needed.

Our outdoor dining ideas feature has lots more inspiring scenes. 

11. Embrace rustic charm

rustic enclosed patio cover with dining table and fireplace

Traditional details on this patio enclosure give it plenty of character

(Image credit: Polly Eltes/Future)

Speaking of rustic garden ideas, we're loving this quaint set-up too. It's a little less grand, but still makes a fine spot to while away a sunny (or cloudy) afternoon. We especially like the prettily patterned table linen and cushions.

Built-in outdoor fireplace ideas will keep things feeling cozy when the colder weather comes around – this traditional style fits in beautifully with the surroundings. Or how about incorporating a pizza oven for serving up delicious alfresco dinners?

12. Opt for a sleek sunroom

conservatory on patio

Enjoy the views with a glass sunroom

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You can also opt for glass enclosed patio ideas, like this example above. As Gregory Smith from PriceYourJob explains, 'A glass patio enclosure or sunroom features glass panels on each wall and may include a glass solarium roof. You can opt for an all-glass patio enclosure or choose from various frame materials, colors and designs.'

A style like this creates an elegant aesthetic and massively increases natural light in your home, Gregory continues. 'You can also utilize it for gardening, as it offers the perfect balance of sun exposure and protection for plants to thrive,' – perfect for indoor garden ideas.

Something simple like this is ideal for modern garden ideas, but you could always opt for a more ornate look if that's more suited to your taste.

13. Try a chic standalone shelter

Deluxe Panalsol from Kettler on patio

(Image credit: Kettler)

You may have considered traditional pergola ideas to cover your patio set-up, but for something a little more sheltered and versatile, how about a design like this?

With its rust-proof powder-coated aluminum frame, it's sure to see you through many summers. And there are loads of useful features, including integrated solar-powered lights, sliding roof panels and a slatted back panel for hanging up plants or other decorative items.

How much does it cost to enclose a patio?

As there are so many options when it comes to enclosed patio ideas, the cost can vary hugely. 

If you're going for a glass sunroom, expect to pay anywhere from £15,000 to £45,000 (the equivalent of $20,600–$62,000), as explains Gregory Smith from PriceYourJob. 'However, the cost may vary if you plan to install a glass patio enclosure at the end of your garden, as this will require an additional electrical supply that could add on approximately £800 [$1,100] to the overall cost,' he adds.

A cheaper option is a vinyl patio enclosure. As Gregory says, it is a 'popular choice for anyone looking for a DIY-friendly material when building a patio enclosure, as vinyl panels are very easy to install.

'Vinyl patio panels either arrive pre-mounted onto frames, or they can be attached to the patio frame. Panels are typically mounted onto a track which allows them to be opened in a curtain-like fashion,' he continues. 'The cost of a vinyl patio enclosure is normally around £500 to £2,000,' – the equivalent to $690–$2,750. 

If you're looking for cheap garden ideas, you can alternatively opt for clear vinyl, available in various thicknesses, which costs around £90 to £100 (around $130). 'If you already have frames on your patio, you should staple 20-gauge clear vinyl around the frame, or 30- to 40-gauge if there are no panels in place, as this will create better insulation,' Gregory says.

Speaking of frames – the costs of these vary too. You can buy a 10ft x 14ft metal patio enclosure kit, complete with aluminium frame, polycarbonate roof panels and acrylic wall panels, for around $4,800–$6,000 (£3,500–£4,350), as advises HomeGuide.com. However, you'll need to install it yourself, or pay someone to do it for you. You could also opt for sturdy wooden frames – these tend to be custom-built, come in a variety of styles and cost around $13,000 (£9,500) for labor and materials, as says HomeAdvisor.com.

modern black gazebo from SUNS Lifestyle

(Image credit: SUNS Lifestyle)

For something smaller and standalone (ideal for small patio ideas), expect to pay between £1,000–£5,000 (around $1,375–$6,700), depending on its size and the features it includes. This is basically an upgraded pergola (such as the one shown above), often including pull-down screens and adjustable roofs.

If you want to extend a roof out from your home for a seamless finish, 'A very general price would be $35/sqft [or £25/sqft],' the HomeGuide team continue. Naturally, you'll need to factor things like integrated lighting and heating on top. 

You'll also need to consider whether you need a building permit. It's likely your local government will have stipulations around the design if you're building an extension such as this. For instance, enclosures will need to be a certain distance from other structures, have a limited square footage and height, and have adequate clearance from dividing walls, HomeGuide explains. Wait for permission before you go ahead with construction, and expect to pay around $100–$300 for the proper permits. There are fees you'll need to pay in the UK, too – you can find more info on the planning portal website.

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