Flower wall ideas: 14 blooming backdrops for decorating special occasions

Impress your guests at your next big do with these flower wall ideas – perfect for a wedding or birthday party

flower wall ideas pink archway
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Want to up the wow-factor of your next big garden do? Then these flower wall ideas are a fabulous solution. Offering both romance and style, they will certainly make any birthday, anniversary, or wedding feel elevated and unforgettable.

Often spotted at celebrity weddings, you may think that they're a little over-ambitious for your own events. However, it's becoming easier (and more affordable) to recreate the look at home as part of your party decor, or for your backyard wedding ideas

'Flower wall backdrops make a stunning focal point for any birthday celebration and they can be put up inside or in the garden,' says Jess Martin, design expert at Ginger Ray. 'We expect them to be a huge trend at weddings this summer too, especially with DIY and garden weddings becoming increasingly popular.' 

'Flower walls are perfect for capturing those special moments at any post-lockdown get-together,' she continues, and if you opt for artificial ones, they can be used time and time again.

From tropical brights to elegant all-whites, natural to faux, or light-up to pared-back, there are plenty of ways to get creative with flower wall ideas. We've rounded up some of our favorite looks below.

1. Add a personal touch with decorative initials

orange colored flower wall with light up sign in middle

Surround your initials in flower wall ideas

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For the bride and groom, a wedding is a time to unashamedly take center stage. So why not give your decor a personal touch by surrounding your initials in a beautiful flower wall? We love this gold ornate lettering combined with fresh roses and foliage. The warm mood lighting only adds to the drama of the scene.

This idea isn't just for tying the knot – if you're celebrating a big birthday – or even a small one – it's the perfect excuse to go all-out with flower wall ideas. Make the day all about you – you deserve it.

Need more inspiration? Head over to our garden party ideas feature.

2. Try a modern approach with bold stripes

flower wall with stripes

This artsy look is a lovely twist on a classic

(Image credit: Cavan Images/Alamy Stock Photo)

A look like this can be more affordable than an entire wall full of fresh flowers, and it certainly still packs a punch. 

The painted stripes complement the rich tones of the floral arrangements and give a sense of modern definition. It would make a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding ceremony (especially when it's time for all the family photos). And, once the party's over, you could hand out the blooms for your guests to take home.

3. Go for all-green

foliage flower wall with just married sign

Not a fan of flowers? Try a wall of foliage instead

(Image credit: Victor Dyomin/Moment/Getty Images)

A living wall is a fantastic feature for gardens, but its impressive look makes it a great alternative for flower wall ideas, too.

It's perfect if you're not so keen on mountains of showy blooms, and are after a more pared-back, leafy look. If you want a fuss-free, low-maintenance solution, then opt for faux foliage – it can be used to decorate the house afterwards.

We love how the table arrangement ties in beautifully with the backdrop in this scene, cocooning the bride and groom in a soothing vista of verdant green.

4. Opt for pared-back elegance with clip-together designs

white flower wall from Ginger Ray

This flower wall backdrop from Ginger Ray is a perfect choice for a dose of understated chic

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

'Artificial flower walls are a fantastic substitute if creating one with real plants or flowers isn't feasible,' Jess Martin of Ginger Ray says. 'Not only can you pin them up and take them down as you please, but they’re also an affordable option.'

This white-hued-hydrangea style feels like a restful cloud, adding a subtle texture and tons of romance to any wall. The tiles can be bought individually and then simply clicked together – so you can go as large or as small as you like. 

It would work beautifully for an elegant wedding, baby shower, or birthday – either for a photo zone or to highlight a bar or buffet area. But a design like this doesn't have to be saved for special occasions. We think it would make a lovely addition to a bedroom, too.

5. Combine bold florals with simple structures

pink flower wall arch

A copper frame gives this display a contemporary twist

(Image credit: Oleg Breslavtsev/Alamy Stock Photo)

Flower arches are a lovely choice of backdrop if a wall feels a little overboard. And, if you blend them with modern metals, the look can feel chic and sleek rather than frou-frou.

This copper design above does exactly that, grounding the billowing array of orchids, roses, and anthuriums with its slender shape. Plus, it won't be as expensive as filling up a wall.

Want to work with what you already have in your plot? Try giving your garden arbor ideas a makeover with faux flowers and a fresh lick of paint.

6. Pair a pretty pink flower wall with a sweets station

pink rose flower wall behind sweets

Pretty in pink – by Dorset Flower Wall Company

(Image credit: Dorset Flower Wall Company)

Everyone loves a sweetie station at a party, whether it be pick'n'mix, donuts, or ice cream. But to give your display an extra tempting twist, why not position a stunning flower wall behind it?

This design by Dorset Flower Wall Company is a gorgeous example – we especially love how the pink-petalled roses mirror the icing on the cupcakes. It's definitely a scene that will enrapture children and adults alike.

7. Try an ombre effect

pink ombre flower wall

We love this pink-hued delight

(Image credit: Pawel Horosiewicz/Alamy Stock Photo)

From nails to hair, ombre is definitely on-trend right now. And that extends to flower wall ideas, too. 

In this design, we like how the hot fuchsia tones gently fade to candy-floss pinks and cool whites, with the likes of roses, verbena, and hydrangeas. The result is fit for a princess and perfect for making an event feel extra special.

Looking for more tips on tones? Take a look at our garden color schemes feature.

8. Create a jungle vibe

fake foliage and flowers on wall

Use your flower wall ideas to enhance your party's theme

(Image credit: By Eve Livesey/Moment/Getty Images)

A jungle theme is always a good choice for a big summer bash, and flower wall ideas can be used to enhance the vibe. Here, a contemporary trellis design is used to support the likes of orchids and trailing foliage for a vibrant yet naturalistic look. It would make a brilliant backdrop behind your outdoor bar ideas.

These plants are faux, which means the scene can be moved to a kitchen or even a bathroom wall as a stylish focal point once your big day is over.

9. Complement the cake

white flower wall ideas behind wedding cake

White flower wall ideas make the perfect backdrop for a focal point

(Image credit: Victor Dyomin/Moment/Getty Images)

Traditionally, the wedding cake is a pretty big deal, and tends to be a focal point in itself. But, to give it an extra dose of oomph (and make the photos even more stunning), consider using flower wall ideas as a backdrop to the zone.

This oval-shaped design is full of elegance and complements the cake beautifully. Add statement lettering over the top for even more pizzazz.

10. Go for tropical brights

tropical flower wall

Bright and bold – what's not to love?

(Image credit: R.Tsubin/Moment/Getty Images)

If monochromatic looks aren't your bag, then consider going bright and bold for your flower wall ideas instead. A colorful mix of blooms will give any scene a playful twist and bring plenty of joy to the party.

Keep the tropical vibe alive with a fun selection of cocktails served in vibrant glassware, multicolored festoon lights, and – if you're outdoors – a pretty parasol or two. Your guests will never want to leave!

If you love the look, you might like our tropical garden ideas too.

11. ...or serene whites

white flower wall behind table by Dorset Flower Walls

An elegant backdrop from the Dorset Flower Wall Company

(Image credit: Dorset Flower Wall Company)

A creamy-white display of roses makes a magical impression. It's a wonderful choice for making the top table at a wedding feel even more special, especially when paired with elegant tableware, crisp white linens, and accents of luxurious gold.

This show-stopper from Dorset Flower Wall Company creates the ideal setting for the newly-weds and their nearest and dearest.

12. Add plenty of rustic charm

rustic flower wall on metal frame at wedding

Sometimes simple is best, especially if you're after a more laid-back look

(Image credit: Andriy Medvediuk/Alamy Stock Photo)

Flower wall ideas can be just as stunning when stripped back to a few flourishes of blooms. Here, a sturdy metal grid works well as a rustic frame to secure them onto, and is softened further by delicate drapes.

It'll cut down on costs (you could even try your hand at creating one yourself), and works well against a stone or brick wall for a country-chic vibe.

Take a look at our rustic garden ideas if you like the look – you'll find plenty more styling inspiration.

13. Use free-standing arrangements

floral hoop backdrop at wedding

Try a modern look for your flower wall ideas

(Image credit: Victor Dyomin/Moment/Getty Images)

Okay, so it's a slight twist on more traditional flower wall ideas, but this striking floral backdrop is bound to turn heads. 

We adore the combination of gold and textural pampas grasses, whilst other pale dried foliage add to the ethereal finish. Punctuated by roses, it makes for a luxurious vista and is the perfect balance between romantic and contemporary styles.

If you're throwing your big event at home, try positioning a design like this up on your decking ideas for an even more impressive scene. Take a look at our garden decor ideas for more gorgeous ways to embellish your plot for an outdoor occasion.

14. Get creative with DIY flower wall ideas

DIY glass bottles filled with roses for flower decoration

This pretty scene is simple to create

(Image credit: Elena Nazarova/Alamy Stock Photo)

Flower wall ideas are always stunning. But, if they feel a little OTT for your party plans, then this is a lovely alternative and is budget-friendly too.

Simply wash out old jam jars, wrap sturdy jute twine around the tops, and secure from a wooden beam, your pergola ideas, or even the branches of a tree. Add fresh water and a handful of your favorite flowers in each. 

To save on costs further, you could even use blooms freshly picked from your own plot – take a look at our guide to the best cutting garden flowers for our favorite picks.

How do you create a flower wall?

putting together foliage wall slats

The Foliage Tiles from Ginger Ray can be connected together for an impressive look

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

There are a few options when it comes to creating a flower wall.

First, you can commission a florist for a bespoke installation. This can be with fresh or faux flowers, and will undoubtedly look stunning, but is generally expensive.

Another option is to look for clip-together tiles which can be connected to create one big wall, as suggests Jess Martin, design expert at Ginger Ray. 'The beauty of this is you can make the wall as big or small as you please, depending on the space you have,' she adds. It's also a much more budget-friendly approach.

If you want your flower wall ideas to feel really unique but a florist is a little out of your price range, you could try making a smaller-scaled version at home. Try using a plastic canvas – the type you would use for needlecrafts – and opt for a low count (the number of holes per inch). Then you can use wire to attach faux flowers and foliage and make your own stunning creation.

What colors should I pick for my flower wall?

pink roses for flower wall ideas

Peach and pink tones are beautiful choices for romantic occasions

(Image credit: lingqi xie/Moment/Getty Images)

A lot comes down to personal taste in terms of the best colors for flower wall ideas. After all, it's your special day, so make sure you choose hues that you are drawn to. However, it's also worth considering the overall theme of the event, as well as the other decorations that you have planned. Opting for a design that complements your other choices will ensure a cohesive result and a stronger impression.

For instance, an autumnal party may call for sumptuous, jewel-like tones, whilst soft pinks or lilacs are lovely for a romantic summer wedding. Weave these hues through your flower wall, your table settings (take a look at our outdoor dining ideas feature for inspo), and even the invitations, to curate a considered set-up.

However, if you're looking to use your flower wall as a backdrop for photographs, it's best to go with pale, neutral colors such as whites and light pastel shades, advises Jess Martin of Ginger Ray. This is so that the subject really stands out, she explains.

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