Expert shares a Christmas tree misting tip to keep yours looking fresh

Prevent a dried out tree with Mark Lane's radiator trick

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Garden designer Mark Lane has shared a tip to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh all the way up to the big day. As well as regular watering, he recommends upping the humidity levels in your home with his radiator trick.

There are a dozen types of Christmas tree to suit different tastes, from scent-free Eastern White Pines with their extra-long needles, to the classic Nordmann Fir. But one thing no one wants is a brittle, browning tree that keeps dropping its needles...

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Mark Lane's Christmas tree misting tip

A few simple tips can go a long way in learning how to keep a Christmas tree alive for as long as possible. So rather than misting a decorated tree, which would be difficult and potentially dangerous, gardening expert Mark Lane recommends filling a bowl with water and placing it on top of your radiator.

The heat from your radiator will cause the water to slowly evaporate, adding humidity to the air, Mark explains. Speaking on Morning Live on BBC One, he says your Christmas tree 'will absolutely love' this.

As the weather gets colder and we turn up our thermostats, our best indoor plants and Christmas trees can suffer as our central heating causes the air to become dry. Adding moisture into the air this way will help to keep your tree happy.

christmas tree decorated with baubles and lights with presents at the bottom

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Just make sure your tree isn't located in front of a radiator, as it will cause it dry out and make it harder to get heat circulating around the room. Mark Lane also points out the importance of regular watering, saying that people often forget to keep their tree topped up.

If your tree came on a wooden base, he says you'll need to remove this and put it into a pot that you can add water to. Alternatively, you might want to incorporate an outdoor Christmas tree into your outdoor Christmas decor ideas

A tree, wreath, string lights and festive window boxes will illuminate your home and spread festive cheer, and a real tree will last much longer in the cooler air of the great outdoors. If you have the space, why not learn how to grow your own Christmas tree for an extra special focal point in years to come?

Will you be trying Mark's radiator trick?

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