The secret to outdoor holiday decorating, according to designer Taniya Nayak

From a jewel-like color palette to a statement wreath – this is how to bring the festivities outside

Christmas decorations in a garden
(Image credit: Crispin la valiente)

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, your garden may be the last space on your agenda. However, designer Taniya Nayak is here to change your mind.

The HGTV personality and owner of her eponymously-named design firm has addressed three key outdoor Christmas decor ideas that will continue the festivities beyond your wall walls. From colored lighting to green-thumbed-approved garlands, this is how the expert suggests dressing your exteriors for the season. 

Here, The Great Christmas Light Fight star reveals what you need to know. 

Taniya Nayak’s tips for a festive outdoor setting  

Christmas decorations in a garden

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

1. Incorporate a theme 

According to Taniya, the first step to a festive garden begins with the theme. She urges you to form a ‘game plan and a layout’ to make the decorating process easier – before choosing an overriding theme. 

‘Try coming up with a theme or a story you’d like to tell throughout your display,’ she says. ‘The theme could be as simple as “winter wonderland” incorporating decorations like [snowflake lights].’  

2. Experiment with varying heights  

Christmas decorations in a garden

(Image credit: Crispin la valiente)

‘Remember to space things out so you can see everything from the street without blocking other decorations,’ Taniya shares. 

Her winter garden ideas are based on using ‘multiple heights and multiple layers’ that rewrite conceptions about Christmas decorations. ‘[It] doesn’t need to be just about lights on trees,’ Taniya adds. 

‘A big trend I’m predicting for this year is over-the-top front door décor.’ She also recommends playing with frosted berries, garlands and Christmas wreath ideas to design a ‘gorgeous outdoor entryway’ that plays with different textures.  

3. Curate a Christmas color palette  

Christmas decorations in a garden

(Image credit: Crispin la valiente)

Choosing the perfect garden color scheme is important at all points of the year, and the holidays is no exception. ‘Plan [for] your palette to pop and make sure your decor stands out without blending into the background,’ Taniya shares. 

While thoughts may inevitably turn to traditional tones, including red and green – Taniya urges you to rethink your color ideas and integrate ‘jewel tones’ including blue and purple, that will personalize your backyard's color palette.

Plus, while Christmas decorations come and go, we expect Taniya Nayak’s color tips will set garden trends into 2022 and beyond. So you can plant in confidence. 

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