Best pruning shears: 5 pruning tools you need for your yard

These are the best pruning shears for cutting back shrubs, plants and branches to keep your backyard neat and tidy

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Looking for the best pruning shears for everyday use in your yard? Designed to cut branches and stems in order to tidy up your shrubs and hedges, there are lots of different types of shears available, and we're here so that you can find the ones best to suit your task. 

Pruning shears are reserved for smaller clean-up jobs that don't require larger tools; if you have lots of larger branches to tackle, then make sure to upgrade the size of your tool to reflect that. For example, the best hedge trimmer might come in handy for larger jobs.

A handy addition to your arsenal, a pair of shears is a must-have for any garden owner. Keep scrolling for the best pruning shears out there to get this essential gardening task done...

5 pruning shears to neaten up your backyard 

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How to pick pruning shears

The first thing to establish is which sort of garden shears you need – anvil or bypass? Anvil shears are best for already dead plants, as they can cause more of a crushing motion. Bypass shears are better for living plants, and less likely to cause damage to your garden.

Consider the size of the gardening task you need to undertake when you select your pruning shears, as well as the size of your hands and how much weight you can comfortably carry. That will all impact how heavy-duty the shears you can handle are. Look out for features that make your life that bit easier, like an ergonomic design that will make gripping your tool easy, or a tool that you can unlock with one hand. 

If you don't have a shed or garage to store your garden tools, then be sure to look for a smaller pair of pruning shears that will fit into a garden tool organizer nicely.

The material of the blade on your new pair of pruning shears is also crucial. Those with rust-proof surfaces and corrosion-resistant designs will go the extra mile when it comes to the longevity of your purchase.

Browse more pruning shears to find exactly what you need

Finding a pair of the best pruning shears is all about getting the right fit for you, which can be difficult if you have specific needs, like a smaller hand size. These are the retailers we would recommend if you're still searching for your perfect pair:

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