Garden hose storage ideas: 7 clever solutions to keep your hose tidy

Try out these practical garden hose storage ideas and maximize your space with tidier tools

wall mounted garden hose reel on white outdoor wall
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These garden hose storage ideas are the perfect solution to tidying up your garden tools. Whether you'd prefer to keep your hose outdoors or inside a shed or garage, there are plenty of solutions that will keep things neat. 

A hose is an indispensable part of the garden, but unless there's a practical method of storage available, they end up in a tangled mess. 

The ideal garden storage idea for your hose is something neat and tidy that keeps the hose out of sight until it's needed, and is then easily accessible for both unwinding and practical use. Depending on the size of your backyard and/or tool shed, your storage options might change. 

'When choosing a new hose there are a number of things to consider, like the tasks you will be using it for and the size of your garden, but one thing we often forget to think about is how the hose will be stored when it’s not being used,' says Sarah Dixon, Hozelock UK and International Marketing Manager. 

'Not only will the hose look untidy if not stored properly, but it can also become a trip hazard and potentially cause damage to your hose.'

7 of the best imaginative garden hose storage ideas

The most popular choice for storing your best garden hose is typically the humble open hose reel, but you can also mount a minimalist hose hook to a spare patch of wall or shelving, or move your reel around large gardens on a wheeled cart.

Then there are the smarter garden hose storage ideas, like an enclosed and motorized reel which rewinds your hose back into the container and eliminates the need to hand crank your hose in and out with every use.

Take your pick from our favorite options. 

1. Store your hose on a wheeled trolley for easy maneuverability

Garden hose trolley with woman and child watering their garden

A hose trolley, such as the pictured assembled hose cart from Hozelock, is great for large gardens

(Image credit: Hozelock)

Using a wheeled cart for your hose is a 2-in-1 solution, giving you both a place for storage and an easily portable watering vehicle. These are the best option for those with a large garden or with plenty of plants that need regular watering. Thanks to its sturdy wheels, you can wheel it easily between garden planters, garden borders or on pathways. 

Like a standard spool or reel, these carts let you loop your hose around the center which avoids any kinks. It's really easy to unwind too. 

'A hose cart can be open for full flexibility or closed for added protection from wear and tear,' says Sarah Dixon at Hozelock. 'It can easily be moved around the garden and stored away neatly.'

2. Make storage a breeze with a wall-mounted hose box

Wall mounted garden hose reel and woman hosing her plants

This wall-mounted hose reel from Gardena keeps things waterproof 

(Image credit: Gardena)

A wall-mounted hose in an enclosed box is perhaps the most space-saving and user-friendly option. It's particularly good for gardeners with mobility issues. 

The outer casing protects against the elements, and the automatic winding means the hose is easily retracted back inside without any need for manual looping. 

These hoses often have 180 degrees of coverage thanks to the wall bracket that pivots the reel itself. This allows you both to cover every inch of your garden but also means it can be folded flat to the wall when it's not in use. 

'Investing in a wall-mounted hose box is a great solution for keeping your garden neat and tidy and keeping any unsightly tangles at bay,' say the experts at Gardena. 'During the main gardening season, we are using our hoses more often for watering plants, therefore it makes perfect sense for your hose to be instantly ready to use and safely stored away just as quickly afterwards, with mounted hose boxes also protecting against dirt and damage.

'A hose box takes minimal time to install and once attached to the wall, will also provide space for the storage of additional connection devices, such as nozzles and sprayers, therefore making it a really smart choice for anyone wanting to cut down on additional storage and keep their garden products together in one place.'

You can use your garden hose alongside one of the best garden sprinklers to make your watering tasks easier than ever before. 

3. Hide your garden hose inside a quirky holder 

Frog shaped hose holder open to show the garden hose reel inside

Keep your hose hidden from view with this ornamental hose holder from Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

Why not use a storage container that doubles up as a garden ornament? There are plenty of different options that will blend unobtrusively into the background of your garden aesthetic. 

This frog-shaped container from Amazon is large enough to hold up to 100 feet of garden hose: all you need to do is flip the frog up to reveal the hiding space available. There's room for adding a reel in there too! The frog also has an anchoring system that stops it from dragging when the hose is in use. 

4. Use an elegant hose holder for a sleek aesthetic

Rustic open pot to store garden hose

An attractive hose holder from Amazon doubles up as patio decor

(Image credit: Amazon)

For backyards and patios that need a touch of elegance, you can always store your garden hose in an attractive hose pot. This rustic free standing pot (from Amazon) is actually designed specifically for hoses, though you'd never know to look at it. At the base is a hidden inlet port to allow for the hose to snake out and attach to the water supply when in use. There are drainage holes in the base too. 

Go for a thick material that's weather-proof and not too lightweight, and it should last for years, come rain, shine or gusts of wind. 

5. Hook a hose to the back of a shed door 

Wooden shed with different garden tools and equipment on display outside

Capitalize on otherwise unused space by installing hooks

(Image credit: Roman Milert / Alamy Stock Photo)

You might think your shed storage is full to the brim, but have you thought about the prime real estate on the inside of the door itself? 

A neatly placed hook at head height is the perfect spot for a hose to hang: when looped up, it's safely out of tripping distance, and will also hold its shape if you use a couple of cable ties to hold it in place. 

6. Install hooks on a fence for outdoor storage

yellow Hose pipes neatly coiled on a pair of storage hangers attached to wall

Sturdy hangers attached to fences or walls are great for hoses

(Image credit: Fencewood Studio/Editorial / Alamy Stock Photo)

To make things even easier, you can install a hose holder anywhere along your garden fence or wall. That means the option of placing it close to the plants most in need of regular watering. You won't have to bend down to grab it off the ground either.

One or two hangers, like this heavy-duty water hose holder from Amazon, are all you need for some seriously sturdy outdoor hose storage. If made from metal or highly durable plastic, these will easily withstand the elements throughout the year. They're simple and quick to install with just a few screws. 

7. Neatly attach your hose to the tool shelf

a garden shed with all the tools of the gardener

Keep all your tools in one place with a shelf hook

(Image credit: therry / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

For the organization lovers out there, keep all your garden tool storage ideas in one place by hooking your hose to a simple tool shelf. 

A simple S-hook, like these matte black hooks from Amazon, should do the trick: just balance one end on the shelf and neatly store your garden hose on the other. 

How to store garden hoses for winter

Keeping a garden hose outside all year while exposed to elements can increase damage to the material, so aim to store it indoors in the shed or garage if possible. 

Before putting it away for winter, make sure to disconnect it from the water valve or tap, and drain all the excess water out of the hose. This helps prevent the hose material from splitting in a cold snap or freezing temperatures.

Using an enclosed wall hose box is particularly helpful in the winter as they're often frost-proof as well as waterproof. 

A wall mounted garden hose storage box

A wall-mounted hose reel, like this design from Gardena, will keep everything weatherproof during winter

(Image credit: Gardena)
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