Garden tool storage ideas: 11 ways to keep your tools safe and organized

These tool storage ideas will help get your yard in order and are stylish too

tool storage ideas – stihl garage filled with tools
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If you're on the lookout for tool storage ideas, then prepare to be inspired. It's always worth considering clever ways to sort out your space – a properly organized set-up will not only make your life easier but will also make everything look better, too.

You may have already perused our shed ideas. After all, the humble shed is a go-to when it comes to keeping garden tools safe. But if you're specifically looking for clever systems to store your spade, fork and other backyard apparatus, you may want to go a step further. Plus, if you're working with a smaller plot, a bulky garden building might be out of the question. Luckily, there are plenty of options to try.

Tool storage ideas: 11 practical and stylish designs

From handy hooks and slimline units to wrap-around shelving and budget-friendly garden tool organizers, we've rounded up some of our top garden tool storage ideas for you to try at home.

1. Hang them up above your potting bench

potting bench with hanging tools

Storage can be stylish as well as practical

(Image credit: Alun Callender/Future)

A potting bench, no matter how simple, is an incredibly convenient addition to any backyard. Tucked into a garage, porch or shed, it will provide a sturdy solid surface to work on, whether you're taking cuttings, planting, or sorting seeds. It can also provide opportunity for garden storage ideas.

Shelves below a bench are perfect for storing smaller tools such as your secateurs or hand trowel, whilst crates, positioned underneath, can be used to keep bags of compost from spilling. 

Meanwhile, fixing larger tools above the bench will mean that everything's in one place. Just some simple wooden hooks secured up high are all you need, whilst nails attached to the wall can be used to support soil sieves. As shown here, they have a decorative appeal, too.

2. Attach hooks to the back of a door

hooks for tools on back of shed door

These hooks are handy and budget-friendly – from Poundland

(Image credit: Poundland)

Simple hooks like these are an easy way to keep your larger tools to hand. Plus, it'll mean they won't take up any floor space. They won't cost you much either, so are ideal if you're on the lookout for cheap garden ideas.

You can try this trick even if you don't have a shed for your tool storage ideas – just attach the hooks to a back door, or a utility room or porch wall instead.

3. Use a smart and slimline tool rack

rack with garden tools

Keep your tools neatly aligned

(Image credit: Roman Milert/Alamy Stock Photo)

You might be tempted to pile up your larger tools in a corner of your shed. But even if you try to retain some sort of order, inevitably it will turn into a cluttered mess. 

A tangle of tools can be an infuriating thing, and will cost you time when you're trying to find what you need. A clever structure like this, however, will allow you to slot your best garden rake, spade and shovels in and out easily, so you can always see (and access) what you need, quickly.

4. Create wrap-around shelving

tools on workbench

This set-up is ready for some serious DIY action

(Image credit: Jesper Mattias/Cultura/Getty Images)

If you're an avid DIY-er then you will need plenty of tool storage ideas to keep all your different hammers, spanners, and everything in-between safe.

A shed or workshop set-up like this will ensure everything has its proper place. Simple shelves to the side and up above will maximize the use of space, and can be filled with electrical tools and cords, as well as neatly labelled tupperware boxes for all your nuts, bolts and screws. Hammer nails into a central backboard for attaching handheld tools, whilst a simple batten of timber positioned just above your bench will allow you to neatly line up more tools in a row.

Don't forget to incorporate lighting in your shed storage ideas, too – that way you can crack on with a job and see exactly what you're doing, even if it's dark out. 

5. Get organized with a pegboard

pegboard with tools

A pegboard is simple yet effective

(Image credit: MirageC/Moment/Getty Images)

A pegboard is another useful addition for keeping your smaller tools in order. Panels and hooks are easily available online, in a range of sizes and materials, which are quick to install to your workspace or shed wall.

Alternatively, if you fancy a weekend project and have some good DIY skills up your sleeve, you can build your own using a flat sheet of timber – as shown in Wickes' Youtube tutorial. Their version includes wooden dowels instead of hooks, which can then be used to support areas of shelving – making the structure even more versatile for your storage needs.

6. Add a trellised panel for extra storage

ikea cabinet with trellis panel

This set-up features the handy ÄPPLARÖ trellis panel from Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you have a tiny courtyard or even just a balcony garden, you're likely to still need somewhere safe to keep small tools. A nifty design like this looks the part, whilst keeping your space uncluttered. 

You can store larger things – like a watering can or a bag of soil – in the cupboard. And, a trellis panel above is a great addition as you can attach hooks for hanging your best secateurs. Meanwhile, a shelf up high will help you bring an extra dose of greenery into the space as can be used for a row of pretty potted plants.

7. Tuck a small but tall shed to the side of your house

wooden small shed against side of house full of tools

This practical storage solution is by Rowlinson, from Cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Here's another alternative to a shed for your garden tool storage ideas: perfect if you're looking to save on space. With its solid floor and mineral roof it will keep any tool safe and sound. And there's a lock too, for extra peace of mind.

A useful shelf at the top means smaller items can be stowed away safely. We think it would make a smart addition to any small patio space.

8. ...and paint it in a pretty color

small shed painted in golden thorndown paints wood paint

This smart mini shed has been painted with Thorndown Paints

(Image credit: Thorndown Paints)

If you like the idea above but would like to give it an extra dose of character – it's simple. All you need is a tin of the best exterior wood paint in a shade that fits your theme.

This bright canary yellow is bound to bring joy – or try something deep and dark for a modern-urban look. Either way, it will turn it into a stylish design feature as well as being practical.

9. Go for vintage charm with reclaimed objects

watering cans on reclaimed shelving

Create a vintage vibe with your tool storage solutions

(Image credit: Helen Cathcart/Future)

If you fancy tool storage ideas that have a more laid-back, cottage garden vibe, then you can't go far wrong with reclaimed items. Have a rummage through local thrift stores or take a look on online marketplaces and you might be surprised at the treasures you can find.

Old metal shelves can be used to display watering cans – as shown here. Wire baskets are useful for holding small terracotta pots, whilst larger planters can be filled with hand tools. What's more, reusing and upcycling in this way may well save you some money, and is great if you're keen on creating a more sustainable garden, too.

10. Keep clutter to a minimum with modern units

tall cabinet from ikea on balcony

(Image credit: Ikea)

A tall, powder coated galvanized steel unit like this is durable and contemporary, and will blend into any setting. As demonstrated, the middle shelf is perfect for storing a reel of hose, whilst the lower space can be filled with other garden bits and bobs to keep them safe and organized. 

True, if you need something to store larger tools, it won't be the solution for you. But, for a small city courtyard garden, it might be all you need.

11. Re-use jam jars

glass jars filled with screws and nails

Find what you need quickly with this trick

(Image credit: Mint Images Limited/Alamy Stock Photo)

It's easy to get in a muddle with all the different types and sizes of fasteners, which is why a solution like this is well worth trying. Save up empty jam jars from the kitchen and you'll be doing the environment (and your wallet) a favor too.

To make it even easier to grab what you need quickly, line them up on shelves or in a drawer with labels on the lids, rather than stacking them on top of one another.

How should you store power tools?

Power tools need to be stored somewhere clean and dry – this will help to prolong their life and avoid any corrosion which can lead to safety issues down the line. As with all tools, they should also be kept safely out of reach of children and pets. And make sure they're stored securely – especially if being kept up high – to prevent them from falling and causing injury.

For petrol-powered tools, such as some hedge trimmers, empty out the fuel (in a well-ventilated place) before putting it away for the season. 'To empty the petrol completely, pour the contents of the tank out of the filling hatch into a well-insulated canister, then start up the engine and let it idle until it comes to a stop of its own accord,' says Stihl. 'This will ensure the tank and all the suction hoses are completely empty and that the carburetor diaphragms do not stick together.

'When it comes to battery tools, it's important to store the battery and the tool separately and in a dry, frost free location out of direct sunlight,' continues Stihl. They recommend leaving it at a charge level between 40–60%, or with two bars, rather than fully charged or flat.

'As a rule of thumb, the better care you take of your tools, the longer they'll be with you,' they say, which is why it's good practice to put your tools away clean and dry, especially if you won't be using them again for some time.

garden tool storage ideas – stihl tools in garage

A neat and tidy tool set-up from Stihl

(Image credit: Stihl)

How should you store a lawn mower?

Your lawn will stop growing so vigorously once the weather cools, meaning your best lawn mower can pretty much retire for winter. But before you store it away somewhere dry and frost-free (ideally indoors) for the season, give the grass catcher a good clean.

'This can be done easily with a brush, or if it’s really dirty, give it a wipe down with warm water,' says Stihl. 'Once your catcher is clean, flip your mower onto its side so you have easy access to the bottom of the deck. Be sure to remove the battery and the safety key before doing this.' You can use a brush to remove any loose clippings, then give it a wipe down if needs be.

'As with all battery tools, make sure you disconnect your safety plug and store your tool and battery separately in a dry and covered area,' they add. And if it's petrol-powered, don't forget to empty it first.

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