Gravel patio ideas: 12 chic ways to style stony outdoor living spaces

From country-classic pea gravel patio ideas to more contemporary looks, you'll find tons of gorgeous inspiration here

furniture from OKA UK on gravel patio ideas
(Image credit: OKA UK)

Bringing gravel patio ideas into your backyard is a brilliant choice for all kinds of reasons. First, gravel is one of the most inexpensive options for creating a sturdy and stylish base for all your outdoor living needs – generally much cheaper than pavers or decking. Second, it's incredibly durable and needs very little maintenance. And, if you live in a region that sees a lot of rain, you might be interested to know that it's great for drainage, meaning it can reduce the risk of your yard flooding.

What's more, gravel is easy to lay yourself – so it's ideal if you're looking for a quick and simple update for your patio ideas. But, it's not all about the practicalities. Whether you go for standard pea gravel or something a little fancier, this landscaping material will effortlessly complement all types of garden themes.

Gravel patio ideas: 12 lovely looks for your backyard

To give you even more encouragement to embrace gravel patio ideas, we've rounded up plenty of gorgeous looks below. You'll feel inspired in no time.

1. Embrace an elegant look for your outdoor dining space

bridgman rattan outdoor dining set on gravel patio with clipped hedges

The 160cm Mayfair dining table with chairs from Bridgman makes a lovely addition to this gravelled space

(Image credit: Bridgman)

This glorious scene is perfect for hosting guests at alfresco dinner parties or lazy lunches, and visually, could be straight out of Provence. As you can see, the gravel underfoot provides a textural, relaxed vibe that works beautifully alongside old stone walls, rattan furniture and billowing borders of nepeta and foliage.

Speaking of plants and patio gardening ideas, we love the pleached trees up high too. Not only do they add vertical interest, structure, and a spot of shade throughout the day, but they also boost the sense of privacy.

2. Contrast light gravel with dark shades

black furniture from Rockett St George on gravel patio

Statement furniture from Rockett St George works well alongside a dark backdrop and pale gravel

(Image credit: Rockett St George)

Of course, if a contemporary vibe is more your style, then you may gravitate towards something a little bolder. Charcoal-hued garden wall ideas and furniture is a reliable option for an on-trend, industrial look. And, when it is combined with fine, pale gravel, it becomes beautifully balanced. This set-up is a stunning example.

Accessorize the space with soft textiles for wrapping up in when the weather cools. A planter or two filled with greenery will also made a welcome addition to gravel patio ideas like these – it will break up all the monochrome with a splash of verdant color.

3. Pair with budget-friendly details

matalan table and chairs on gravel for budget patio ideas

A simple yet chic set-up from Matalan

(Image credit: Matalan)

You may already know that pea gravel patio ideas are a winning choice when it comes to tightening the purse strings. It's one of the most economical landscaping options out there, making it ideal for budget patio ideas.

And, as you can see from this delightful scene, it can truly look the part too. Paired with a red brick wall, it offers a rustic yet welcoming vibe. 

For more simple yet charming updates which don't require splashing the cash, opt for a pretty bistro set, give a reclaimed storage unit a fresh lick of paint, and dot your favorite blooms in pots around the scene. Fixing a bird house or two up high is also a lovely and inexpensive touch.

4. Create a tropical-inspired haven

tropical style urban garden

This colorful plot features furniture from Dobbies

(Image credit: Dobbies)

Tropical garden ideas are all the rage right now. It's no surprise – who wouldn't want their own slice of paradise in their backyard?

Gravel, with its organic appearance, makes a good choice for plots which follow this theme. Use to create a central seating hub – a round table is ideal for larger groups as it allows more people to squeeze in. Surround the set-up with huge planters in bold hues – large, architectural foliage will offer a striking, jungle-like look.

5. Mix up the textures for a luxe style

outdoor furniture from OKA UK on gravel patio

A sophisticated scene from OKA UK

(Image credit: OKA UK)

A gravelled ground offsets other textural features well – so bear this in mind when picking your outdoor furniture and accessories. Take this set-up, for instance, which combines plenty of woven wicker, sumptuous textiles in a complementary palette, and ceramic central vases. Offset by the stony floor, the result is opulently tactile, yet still calming and refined.

Adding a fire pit into the mix will almost always elevate a garden living space further, enticing everyone outdoors for longer into the evening. This simple fire bowl design is fuss-free yet visually pleasing. But, our dedicated feature on fire pit patio ideas has lots more stylish looks if you're after an alternative.

6. Add a tranquil pond

stepping stone ideas: path across pond

A cool pool brings a sense of calm to this patio space

(Image credit: Howard Walker/Future)

Garden pond ideas make brilliant additions to backyards. There are all the sensory benefits involved – from the soothing sounds to the cooling touch – they're great for wildlife, and they look lovely too, especially when you factor in all the best pond plants that are on offer.

Many people automatically think to position their pond at the bottom of their plot, but why not bring it up to where the action is so you can enjoy it from your seating set-up? Surrounded with gravel, it can make a fabulous feature for a relaxed patio scene. 

We like the addition of paving here too which helps to break up the space. And, adding stepping stones over the surface of the water will always have a playful appeal.

7. Use gravel as part of a contemporary plot

black painted pergola ideas over seating area in garden

This pergola has been painted in Ebony wood stain from Protek

(Image credit: Protek/Justin Coakley/@designatnineteen)

Want to give your outdoor living space a little more shelter from the sun, rain, or your prying neighbors? Then patio cover ideas are the solution, and there are loads of designs to choose from. 

Pergolas are one of our favorites, as they can be customized to fit your space. Take this one, for instance, which has been painted in an uber-cool inky black tone; supports this season's must-have hanging chair; and stands over a patterned stretch of paving.

White gravel around the zone perfectly balances all the bold features whilst maintaining a modern and chic tone. Using it across the tiered garden ideas enhances the sense of flow within the space.

8. Incorporate pavers or bricks

gravel and brick flooring with flowerbed

Using a mix of textures can enhance the overall look

(Image credit: A Garden/Alamy Stock Photo)

Just because you're opting for gravel patio ideas, doesn't mean you can't break up the space with an additional ground cover, too. In fact, incorporating pavers, bricks, or even hardy, low-growing planting can bring a lot of creative opportunity and visual interest to a space.

Consider garden edging ideas around your patio's perimeter, add statement stripes, or play with circular or geometric arrangements for a modern tone. The finished result will feel much more impressive and unique than just using one solid block of a consistent texture. Just ensure you pick your colors to complement one another.

9. Set the tone with subtle lighting

outdoor lighting around gravel patio

Low, glowing lights make this scene come alive when night falls

(Image credit: Stock Photo)

Every outdoor living space needs decent patio lighting ideas. First and foremost they're practical – helping you to see clearly once night falls – but they're also crucial in setting that romantic after-dark ambience. So, when it comes to planning your gravel patio ideas, don't forget your illumination solutions.

'Clever outdoor lighting will mean you get extra use of the space once the sun goes down,' says Lynsey Abbott, Outdoor Living Buyer of Dobbies Garden Centres. 'Use string lighting around your fencing or solar stake lights in and around your pots and bedding plants to enjoy an illuminated garden. A scattering of tealights and lanterns on dining tables will cast a magical cozy glow. Hang solar string lights or lanterns overhead so you can enjoy the area well into the evening.'

10. Go small and chic

Manutti SAN garden bench from Go Modern

The San garden bench from Manutti at Go Modern Furniture is the perfect fit for this small gravelled space

(Image credit: Go Modern Furniture)

If you're looking for small patio ideas (or in this case, very small patio ideas), then gravel may well be the way forward. This tiny seating space, for instance, is given all the definition it needs with a modern duo of grey stones and paving beneath a streamlined bench.

Positioned alongside a lawn it provides a chic seating set-up which will keep footfall safely off the turf – especially important if it's raining.

11. Soften the look with plants

paving with gravel and plants

Weave plants amongst your gravel patio ideas

(Image credit: mike jarman/Alamy Stock Photo)

One of the benefits of gravel patio ideas is that you can plant directly into them. This will create a soft, Mediterranean-style look that works well for laid-back spaces.

Drought-tolerant plants will thrive in these conditions, which means they will be easy to care for, too. The RHS suggests the likes of lavender, euphorbias, cistus (rock rose) and the yellow pom-poms of santolina, all of which are good for pollinators. Other brilliant choices include succulents and cacti, as well as plants which are suitable for small rock garden ideas.

12. Combine festoon lights and a corner sofa for laid-back style

cox & cox grey furniture with festoon lights on gravel

The Albany corner dining set from Cox & Cox is practical and comfy

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

If you're looking for outdoor seating ideas for your gravel patio, then you can't go far wrong with a garden sofa – that is if you have the space. Comfy and generous, they're perfect for entertaining friends and family and creating that outdoor living room feel.

This grey design sets a sophisticated tone – especially when paired with a matching coffee table – and the wooden features tie together nicely with the hue of the gravel underfoot. To up the cozy factor further, string festoon lights along a nearby wall or fence.

What type of gravel is best for patios?

There are plenty of types of gravel to choose from for your patio. The best one depends on a few variable factors such as your budget and personal taste.

For instance, pea gravel (made up of small pea-sized stones in buff, brown and grey hues) is generally the cheapest. However, using gravel made from local stone is generally a good approach for cutting down on costs too, and you may prefer its appearance. In fact, you may see color as a deciding factor for your choice – perhaps an all-black variety may complement your existing garden features more than a warmer-toned mix, for example.

Size is also a factor to consider. Larger-stoned gravel is less likely to be thrown out of place – onto your lawn or into the house – but may feel a little less comfortable underfoot. Of course, smaller gravel can always be contained to some extent with good edging.

Need more garden gravel ideas? Our feature has lots more inspiring looks.

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