Hot tub deck ideas: 12 timber and composite styles for your spa

Practical and stylish, these hot tub deck ideas will get you inspired for your own backyard chill-out zone

hot tub deck ideas
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Thinking about hot tub deck ideas for your backyard scheme? They're well worth considering as a modern alternative to paving. And with the latest composite styles, they can be super low maintenance and – an important factor – non-slip underfoot.

The other great thing about decking, no matter where it is in your garden, is that it tends to complement all types of styles, from modern to country-classic. This landscaping feature will make a statement without being showy while providing a sturdy base for all your other hot tub ideas. Plus, it can also be used for leveling – so if the idea of sinking or raising your tub appeals, then this is a winning approach.

12 ways to elevate your outdoor spa with hot tub deck ideas

We've brought together some of our favorite decking ideas for surrounding an outdoor spa to help you get inspired for your own plot.

1. Surround your hot tub decking with jungle-like greenery

hot tub on deck with plants

Turn your home spa into a plant-filled paradise

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Any deck can be elevated with the addition of lots of leafy greenery. Opt for a selection of the best tropical plants and you can create a beautiful backdrop that will transport you to your own private jungle as you relax in the bubbles. Bliss.

Ferns, architectural shrubs, and climbers can all be planted around the perimeter of your decking to soften the hard lines. 

You could position planters onto the decking itself, too, for even more texture and color. Fill with bamboo and other tall plants and you'll also be able to use them as a natural screen – ideal if you want to up the sense of privacy.

2. Relax in your spa all year round with a covered deck

hot tub with decking and cover

Shelter from the elements

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Adding a structure overhead is always a good idea for any outdoor living space – hot tubs included. Whether you go for a pergola, gazebo, awning, or an impressive hot tub shelter like this, it'll provide valuable respite from searing sunshine or showers, allowing you to enjoy the zone for longer in the year.

We love how the wooden-cladded roof in this setup mirrors the warm-hued decking below (as well as the hot tub itself), tying the overall look together harmoniously. Recessed spotlights mean the zone can be used for nighttime bathing, too.

3. Choose decking railings that open up the view

hot tub with glass fence

Glass panels keep the scene light and airy

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Decking railing is often a necessity to keep everyone safe from the edge. But, if you've got views you want to make the most of, you won't want to block them out.

Opting for toughened glass panels will prevent your zone from feeling boxed-in, and instead, open it up to allow in both soothing sights and plenty of light. And, if you opt for powder-coated metal for the balustrades, there are plenty of colors to choose from, so you can subtly tie the look into your existing scheme.

Need a little more privacy in areas? Adding sections of frosted panels will do the job.

4. Introduce curved decking to your spa space

hot tub from All Weather Leisure Midlands surrounded by decking

We love this pretty scene from BISHTA members All Weather Leisure Midlands 

(Image credit: All Weather Leisure Midlands/BISHTA)

You don't have to stick to straight lines and hard angles for your hot tub decking ideas. Using curves will instantly soften the look of your space and works well for bordering a lawn or nearby flower bed.

The shape of this small yet perfectly-formed deck offers a pathway and enough room for a bench alongside the tub, as well as a handful of potted plants. The result is a simple yet soothing scheme – ideal for a bit of peace and quiet.

5. Tuck your tub into the corner of a raised deck

hot tub on deck

This small decked patio is ideal for hosting guests

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Hot tubs can be introduced to small deck ideas with the right positioning. Corner tubs are particularly useful for this as they can be tucked to one side neatly, leaving ample floor space for other features.

Here, the spa is accompanied by a sleek outdoor grill and seating area – making the decked zone the perfect place for entertaining alfresco. Adding a parasol is a good move, too, for budget-friendly shelter from the midsummer sun.

6. Match materials for a modern vibe

hot tub by Outdoor Living with modern deck

A modern scheme by BISHTA members Outdoor Living

(Image credit: Outdoor Living (Hull)/BISHTA)

The best composite decking comes in all kinds of finishes, so you can really pick a look that suits your stylistic vision.

A deep gray or black design will always look chic and add a contemporary vibe to any backyard. It looks fabulous surrounding this large spa, and spot the integrated lighting too, for added ambiance and practicality after dark.

A built-in bench and sun loungers in a matching material elevate the zone even further. Plus, with the help of a pressure washer on a gentle setting, maintenance will be easy-peasy. 

Additional color, comfort, and personality can be added with a scattering of cushions in good weather.

7. Add plenty of potted plants to your hot tub decking

sunken hot tub in decking surrounded by container plants

Colorful blooms up the appeal of this space

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Decking is a great base for container gardening ideas, so be sure to stock up on planters for your hot tub deck ideas.

Colorful blooms in timeless terracotta totally transform the surroundings of this sunken tub, and we like the addition of trees, too, which add an element of height to the mix.

Switch them up with the seasons to keep the display inviting all year round. Our winter planter ideas are full of inspiration, while spring bulbs will offer plenty of cheer as the weather begins to warm.

8. Combine chic steps with soft lights

hot tub with raised deck and lighting

Enjoy your hot tub after dark

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There are many deck lighting ideas that you can incorporate into your hot tub zone, but one of our favorite approaches has to be adding strip lights to steps.

Of course, it's super practical, but it also adds drama and style to a scheme and can really turn your tub into a focal point.

Add extra layers of lighting with low, glowy LED lanterns dotted throughout the space, and perhaps a string of festoons nearby. Then all you need is a few eye-catching plants and you'll have a wonderfully romantic scene for relaxing, day or night.

9. Border your hot tub's decking with a privacy screen

hot tub with decking and screens

Surround your hot tub with a chic trellis

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Hot tub privacy ideas can be a must-have, particularly for urban plots. Luckily there are lots of solutions available that can be used to border a decked zone, including smart trellised panels like these (which of course, can be pepped up with paint or climbing plants if you wish).

The structure of this decking has also caught our attention with the integration of angled steps. Not only will it make access to the tub easy, but the symmetrical design also adds serious style points.

10. Maximize on space with a sliding deck

hot tub from Hot Tub House Yorkshire surrounded by decking

This smart design is from BISHTA members Hot Tub House Yorkshire

(Image credit: Hot Tub House Yorkshire/BISHTA)

If you're using decking for your entire entertaining space, you may want to add some subtle dividers to break up the zones. This scheme uses a beautiful stretch of raised planting and large boulders to do so, obscuring the tub from the sunken seating area in a naturalistic way. 

But, it's not just the hot tub surround ideas in this plot that have caught our eye. Look closely and you'll notice how this deck can be slid right across the top of the pool, making the most of the space when it's not in use. What's more, it'll double up as a handy cover, meaning hot tub maintenance will be easier.

11. Sink your spa on a lower level

hot tub with deck and outdoor seating area

Pale decking brightens this outdoor living area

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Pale decking, either in a soft gray or natural timber hue, is useful for brightening a space and adding to a contemporary vibe. It looks wonderful in this small patio area, and complements the exterior of the home, too.

Decking is great for adding levels, which is particularly useful for sloping plots. Here, the spa has been placed on a lower level, meaning the view of the garden from the outdoor seating isn't interrupted.

12. Opt for a mini deck

hot tub with small round decking and log fence

A small yet perfectly formed hot tub zone

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Small backyard? Consider hot tub deck ideas like this for a charming touch. It will still create a defined zone in your plot while providing a stable base underfoot, and is perfect if you're a fan of rustic garden ideas.

The small log border is a lovely finishing touch, to expand on the laid-back theme.

What needs to be considered when installing a hot tub deck?

When installing hot tub deck ideas into your landscaping scheme, there are a few things that should be considered, as Karl Harrison from Trex decking explains.

'The safest construction method is to create a padstone of concrete for your tub to sit on,' he says. 'You should then create your decking up to it.'

If your decking is raised and you need to sit your hot tub directly on top, then there are a few important things you need to do, he continues. These include consulting a structural engineer or specialist decking designer – hot tubs are heavy and your decking will need to be able to support it safely.

Also, 'consider where the water will go from rain, water splashing, and waste – you don't want to rot the timbers of your decking frame or flood your garden,' he says. 'Consider water pipes directly fed to your tub,' – this also removes the need to reel out hoses during a water change.

Remember to create access hatches large enough for easy maintenance, too.

'Most important is to have one contractor responsible for the whole project,' Karl says. They will need to ensure that everything is structurally sound, for instance, that the concrete foundation sits perfectly in line with the decking, and that any retaining walls are signed off by a structural engineer.

hydrolife hot tub sunk into decking with seating area and lighting

A sleek setup from Hydrolife

(Image credit: Hydrolife)

Is composite or timber decking better around a hot tub?

Karl from Trex advises choosing composite decking over timber for your hot tub surrounding. Although it's more expensive, it tends to be much longer-lasting and easier to maintain. Plus, there are non-slip varieties available, which are a must for hot tub or pool deck ideas.

However, some composites expand and contract much more than others and are not suitable, he says, so ensure you do your research first.

'You may wish to consider a plastic subframe under the decking,' he adds. 'There's no point having a frame that doesn't last as long as your decking will. If you have to use timber, then it is advised to apply decking tape to your frame – this will add many years.'

trex decking with hot tub and railings

Composite decking from Trex will last many years around a hot tub

(Image credit: Trex)

How do you maintain decking around a hot tub?

If you are using quality composite decking, maintenance is minimal, says Karl. 

Sweep it occasionally and give it a wash down with water and a soft brush and that's about it. 'Natural timber needs much more TLC,' he adds.

You can learn more about maintenance and how to clean decking with our guide.

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