Flymo EasiStore 340R Li lawn mower review: compact and easy-to-use cordless design

We put the Flymo EasiStore 340R Li to the test on a variety of different lawns to see if it cuts the mustard (as well as the grass!)

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Gardeningetc Verdict

We loved the compact design and ease of use but felt the Flymo Easistore 340R Li was let down slightly by a few build quality issues. Despite this, we think it is a capable and well-designed machine that makes a good option for light to moderate use on a small to medium lawn.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Overall ease of use

  • +

    Compact storage

  • +

    Convenience of battery power

  • +

    Adjustable cutting lengths

  • +

    Safety switch in the handle

  • +

    Operation levers on each side of the handle to accommodate both left- and right-handed gardeners

  • +

    Rear grass roller to create stripes

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Build quality issues in some areas

  • -

    Struggles on longer grass

  • -

    Not suitable for large gardens

  • -

    Potentially commits you to the Flymo battery system for other products

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Flymo is a brand that many people associate with hover mowers, however the Flymo Easistore 340R Li does, in fact, run on wheels. This cordless mower, powered by two rechargeable batteries, offers a 34cm cutting area and is targeted towards people with small to medium sized gardens. The ‘Easistore’ model name shows that Flymo see the main selling feature of this particular model as how easy it is store, and it does deliver. A clever design allows it to pack down into a very small space for storage, ideal for smaller sheds and tight spaces. 

We tested this model in a variety of different lawn settings and were very pleased with the results. The grass was cut well and the rear roller is great for lawn stripes if you’re trying to impress the neighbours. We found that the 30-minute run time was quite adequate for our medium-size garden and when you use a battery-powered mower, you do realise how much easier it is than worrying where the cable is. The collection of the cut grass was good, certainly compared to a hover mower (which tends to blow clippings everywhere!). 

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Flymo Easistore 340R Li: product specifications

Why you can trust Gardeningetc Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Flymo Easistore 340R Li lawn mower cut out image

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  • Corded or cordless? Cordless
  • Cutting Width: 34cm 
  • Adjustable height settings: 5
  • Cutting range: 2.5 - 6.5cm
  • Grass collection box: 35L 
  • Battery: 2 x 20v Li battery plus charger
  • Weight: 11.2kg 
  • Guarantee: 2 years 

First impressions

Flymo Easistore 340R Li Rotary lawn mower in box

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The first thing that struck me when I opened the box was how compact it is. The mower is packed to fill the available space completely. There is very little packing material around the mower and, in terms of volume, what you see really is what you get. That said, there was still protective film and bubble wrap around the various parts of the mower so nothing was damaged in transit. 

Flymo Easistore 340R Li Rotary lawn mower opened box

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Everything was well organised and it took very little time from opening the box to getting all the components set out and ready to put together. 

 Getting started 

Flymo Easistore 340R Li Rotary lawn mower assembly

Assembling the lawn mower was quick and easy

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Assembly was very easy and didn’t take too long. The mower was up and running in under half an hour. All the components were well packaged in clear bags or boxes along with instructions and warranty documentation. 

I was very pleased (and slightly relieved) to find that the instructions were clear and easy to follow, and all the steps were story-boarded with clearly drawn diagrams. There were not actually that many things to do and, unlike other models, items such as the wheels are already attached. 

Yes, there are a few bolts and things, but not that many, and you don’t need a tool kit. The DIY-phobe has nothing to fear with this one! Although, I would say that while it is perfectly possible to put the Flymo Easistore 340R Li together yourself, it might be more convenient to have a friend to help for jobs like putting the handles onto the base unit. 

Flymo Easistore 340R Li Rotary lawn mower assembly

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There were one or two issues with build quality that I noticed, which sadly let down an otherwise excellent product. There was some poor finishing on the handle bar (or possibly a fault) and some of the plastics felt of questionable quality. The most noticeable area for this was the adjustable handle bar, where the plastic cogs do not bite together as well as they could. 

Flymo Easistore 340R Li Rotary lawn mower adding the grass box during assembly

Adding the grass box during assembly

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However, on a more positive note, the sections of the grass box clicked together very well. Once put together, it felt very solid and clipped to the mower easily and securely. 

It is noticeably more rigid than the one provided with the Bosch 18V 4.0Ah Li-ion Cordless 32cm. We also thought that the main body of the mower felt very solid. The plastic wheels felt tough and the lid over the batteries secured with a reassuring click.

What the Flymo Easistore 340R Li is like to use

Flymo Easistore 340R Li Rotary lawn mower in use on grass

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I found that mowing a lawn with the Flymo Easistore 340R Li was a very pleasant experience. The angle of the handle bar is fully adjustable without any tools so you can set it to a comfortable height. The cut length is adjusted using a handle on the front of the machine and takes literally seconds. I really liked this as it completely avoids turning the mower upside down and having to take the blades off and add or remove spacer washers. 

While the Flymo Easistore 340R Li performs very well on an already short(ish) lawn, I did find that it started to struggle on longer grass and the motor did cut out once or twice. Sadly, this is more down to the limitations of battery power (as opposed to mains voltage) than a reflection on this particular model. 

The Flymo Easistore 340R Li, I feel, is far better suited to taking a few millimetres off the lawn on a regular basis, rather than heavy duty mowing. Mowing shorter grass will also give you a much longer run time from the battery as the motor will not be working as hard. 

In terms of overall construction, the mower feels very mid-range. It does not feel as sturdy as models such as the Cobra MX41 40V but it does cost less. Some of the plastics do feel a little soft or a little scratchy, but it certainly does not feel like a budget product that will break within a few months. I actually thought it was a significant upgrade on the slightly smaller Flymo Easistore 300R Li that I tested last year. 

The finish it gave on the lawn was very good. The grass was cut evenly and effectively with a single pass and grass collection was very good overall. There were a few clumps by the wheels in places, but the vast majority of the grass went straight into the grass box. And as previously mentioned, the rear roller is great for lawn stripes, so a good option if you want to perfect your lawn decoration ideas.

Flymo Easistore 340R Li Rotary lawn mower in use on grass

The grass box has a good collection capacity

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The box itself feels well made – actually quite a bit better than some of its competitors – and it has a good collection capacity. When it’s full, it detaches easily for emptying and fits back onto the mower very quickly. The only slight issue I had was that, while it came in several pieces, it doesn’t feel like it could be collapsed again to get it back in the original box if required. I'd be worried about breaking it. Probably not an issue for most people, just something I noticed.  

When you are finished mowing the lawn, the Flymo Easistore 340R Li packs down to a very compact size and I felt that this will probably be the reason a lot of people would choose this mower over its competitors. 

Standing on its end allows the mower and grass box to be stored vertically and the footprint is incredibly small. It feels well thought out and it would be perfect  if you're short on garden storage space and only have a small shed or the corner of a garage. 

Ease of use

Flymo Easistore 340R Li Rotary lawn mower in use on grass

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I found the Flymo Easistore 340R Li very easy to use. In fact, there was not a single aspect of either set up or use that I would class as being difficult or even particularly challenging. Features such as the cutting height adjuster are very handy and easy to operate. 

I also liked the being able to raise or lower the handle bar for comfort and felt that this made using the mower easier on the wrist and the shoulders. It also suits users of any height. The mower itself doesn’t weigh that much (under 12kg) so it doesn’t feel like a chore to push it up and down the garden, even on an incline.

When it comes to recharging, the batteries, located under the plastic dome on the top of the mower, are straightforward enough to slot in and take out. The charging adapter also allows you to charge them both together, rather than having to charge one after the other.  

There is a safety ‘key’ that needs to be inserted next to the batteries and turned to the ‘on’ position before the mower will work. It’s a useful feature to disable the mower and Flymo provide two that are bright orange. However, it is an easy thing to miss when you first use the mower, so if you put two batteries in and nothing happens, this may well be the reason.   

A major advantage of this mower compared to a hover mower is that you never have to lift it up. You can simply push it along on its wheels to wherever you want to use or store it. The raised height of the body meant that I could even get it up a small step just by rocking onto the back wheels. I thought this, combined with the light weight, would make it ideal for older users or those with physical limitations. 

Additional features

I couldn’t find any accessories that are on sale to go with the Flymo Easistore 340R Li. The main thing that a potential user might consider to go with this model is an extra set of batteries, if they have a larger lawn. 

Having the option of charging the next set of batteries while you are using the mower will open up more options for continued use. However, if you do think you may need extra batteries before you buy the mower, it might work out cheaper just to buy a bigger machine. 

 How does it rate? 

From what I saw, overall consumer feedback was very positive. Amazon showed a star rating of 4.2 out of 5 from over 3,000 reviews. I felt that this figure was very much in line with what I thought from our test. 

Many people praised the design for its compact storage and the convenience and safety of not having to worry about an electrical cable. Some people experienced the same issue I had with the mower struggling on longer grass and recommended a long cut followed by a short cut to give the best result. I would strongly recommend this as it is both kinder to the mower and to the lawn. 

The main criticism I found seems to be about the batteries rather than the mower itself. A number of people have complained that they found the batteries failed after 2 or 3 mows and they had to get in touch with Flymo to get them replaced. I had no such issues and the problem may well have been rectified. 

I have given this mower 4 out of 5 stars and feel that it is a good option for a small to medium lawn. I liked how compact it was and found it both trouble-free to use and ergonomically friendly. I liked features such as the cut length adjuster and the lightweight design. 

This mower is a good option for someone who does not want to push around a large, heavy piece of machinery. The ‘Easi’ storage, which is a key selling point of this model, lived up to the claims and is very well thought out. For anyone who doesn’t have much space, this mower is well worth considering.

While I did find one or two build quality issues, these were minor compared to the benefits that the mower will offer to the majority of users. It would not be fair to present this as an exclusively Flymo failing. I tested a similar mower from Bosch several months ago, which had far worse plastics and felt a much less durable machine.  

A major point to consider, before deciding to purchase the Flymo Easistore 340R Li (or any other battery mower) is the commitment of being locked into one company’s battery system. Flymo, like Stihl, Ryobi and many others, use a proprietary battery system across their range of garden tools. So if you are considering buying a hedge cutter or a leaf blower in the future, you should factor this into your decision.  

Flymo do offer a corded version of this mower, the Flymo Easistore 340R (without the ‘li’ at the end) for around £150 pounds less. It’s hard to recommend one over the other because the version you go for depends entirely on your circumstances. Battery power is both safer and more convenient than trailing a cord behind you, but this is not a small price difference and anyone with a limited budget should consider both options carefully. 

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Steve Bradley

Steve has written (or co-written) over 40 practical gardening books, and along with his wife Val (also a qualified horticulturist) was commissioned to update some of the world’s best-selling gardening books, The Expert series, originally written by Dr David Hessayon. 

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