Mother's Day gifts for gardeners: 27 presents she (and her garden) will love

Our guide to the best gifts for gardeners, as recommended by Gardeningetc, for Mother's Day 2021. Don't miss out...

Gifts for gardeners: Delightful Living Personalised Herb Garden Box in kitchen
(Image credit: Delightful Living)

If you are searching for inspiration for gifts for gardeners, perhaps for Mother's Day 2021, then we are here to help. Below, we have listed our favourite garden-themed gifts – from personalised gloves to seedboxes, festoon lighting and even a lovely-looking garden tool bag. No matter the size of your giftee's outdoor space, the size of your budget, or whether you will be gifting in person, on the doorstep or via post, we've thought of everything...

Keep scrolling for 27 lovely gift ideas for gardeners and click photos or the links below to shop. You've not got long until Mother's Day which, by the way, is on the 14th of March this year. It's almost your last chance to shop online, so hurry!

Buying for someone who isn't so green-fingered? There's plenty to inspire over in our plant gifts feature, where you'll find the perfect buy for the plant fan in your life. 

1. Treat Mum to a lovely new watering can – this one is gold and etched with a floral design

Green & Gold Metal Floral Etched Watering Can Large

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Treat Mum to a brand new watering can this Mother's Day so that she can water those plants of hers in style. This gold metal one from Anthropologie is etched with a floral design, and it's pretty large. In short, it looks the part and plays the part.

Green & Gold Metal Floral Etched Watering Can Large | £34.50 at Oliver Bonas
How lovely is this watering can? It's almost too lovely to use! With an etched glossy body and a green handle that's comfortable to hold, it'll make a lovely new addition to her already-stocked garden arsenal. Definitely one for front garden use...View Deal

2. What about a quirky DIY insect hotel? Fun for her and great for the environment

DIY insect hotel

(Image credit: Graham and Greene)

We know how important insects are for the health of our gardens, and this build-your-own insect hotel is the perfect gift for anyone with a passion for wildlife. With everything you need to craft a bug house, it'll give your Mum, Grandma or whoever else hours of entertainment, too.

DIY insect hotel | £34.95 £26.21 at Graham & Green
This lovely insect hotel is a lovely addition to a back garden. Especially if you have children or grandchildren – they will love it. It's made of pinewood and bamboo, and it comes with glue and nails for assembling.View Deal

3. A lovely spring-themed door mat to keep their floors clean

Floral Greeting Doormat

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Have you ever seen a nicer doormat? We're not sure we have. Bursting with flowers and reading the word 'hello', this mat is perfect for your front or back garden. Actually, we'll take one for each, please!

Floral Greeting Doormat | £44 at Anthropologie
Guaranteed to put a smile on your guest's faces, this cheery doormat is backed with coconut fibres to make it stay put on the floor, and you can just sweep it clean when it gets muddy.View Deal

4. A handy planting calendar to hang in a kitchen

Bold & Noble 'Grow Your Own' Planting Calendar Screen Print

(Image credit: Bold & Noble)

This very handy guide can instruct Mum when it's time to plant what, without her having to ask Alexa, go to Google or whatevetr else. It's also nice enough to be displayed in a kitchen, utility room or in a garage, too. Add a gift note and let her choose a frame to fit with her interiors – ta dah!

Bold & Noble 'Grow Your Own' Planting Calendar Screen Print | £45 at Not on the High Street
This lovely gift will be hand-printed in Hertfordshire onto good quality 250gsm recycled card. It comes in two colour options, too.View Deal

5. Pretty (and practical) storage for their seed collection

Clouds and Currents Gardener's Seed Storage Box

(Image credit: Clouds and Currents)

If your recipient is in need of a seed box to store and separate their fruit seeds from their veg seeds, then this box would make a perfect gift. And, it can be personalised. It even comes with four wooden dividers, one for fruit, another for veg, one for herbs and a blank one for them to personalise.

Clouds and Currents Gardener's Seed Storage Box | £40 at Not on the High Street
This lovely gift is made from solid birch plywood, and the box has metal hinges to make it secure. It's a handy way to store seeds, and good looking, too – she can pop it in her utility room on display.View Deal

6. What about a garden bar cart? For evenings spent sipping cocktails alfresco

Marra Bar Serving Cart

(Image credit: Blue Elephant)

We love spending time in our gardens, obviously, but we are not too keen on getting up to go into the kitchen every time we finish our drink. Stay put (around the fire pit, or on your comfortable garden furniture) with help from a garden bar cart. Mum would LOVE this one – it has plenty of space for spirits, wine, an ice bucket, new glasses and more. Also, it's on wheels and it has a handle for easy manoeuvring around the garden.

Marra Bar Serving Cart | £97.99 at Wayfair
With a black metal frame, glass countertops and a wide handle, this bar cart is as stylish as it is practical. Not just for alcohol, too, as you could use it for your morning tea, serving snacks and more.View Deal

7. This lovely (and unobtrusive) bee block

Small Bee Block

(Image credit: Anthroplogie)

Encourage Mum to help save the bees and buy her this bee block from Anthropologie. It provides bees a place to get some well deserved R&R, and it's not exactly unpleasant to look at. A lovely gift idea!

Small Bee Block | £18 at Anthropologie
Made from concrete with holes for bees to fit inside for some rest, this rectangular block is a lovely gift – to Mum and the bees.View Deal

8. A new kneeler for comfortable gardening

All Things Brighton Beautiful Canvas Garden Kneeler

(Image credit: All Things Brighton Beautiful)

Spending hours on the ground sowing seeds or weeding can be tiring, and if you’ve ever spent the day after a full-on gardening session with sore knees, you’ll know why padded protection is so important – we like this one from Garden Trading. Gift it to Mum to soften the blow after a long day in the garden – and she can hang it up in the garage after use.

All Things Brighton Beautiful Canvas Garden Kneeler | £23.75 at Not on the High Street
With a foam inner and a canvas cover, this weatherproof kneeler boasts faux suede handles, edging and backing. It can also be hand washed if need be, just don't leave it outside in bad weather.
View Deal

9. A grow-your-own gin garden

The Gluttonous Gardener gin gardening gift crate

(Image credit: The Gluttonous Gardener)

If your Mum loves a G&T in the evening then gift her a grow-your-own set complete with an evergreen juniper bush and aromatic angelica and coriander seeds so they can create their own botanical infusions (and you can throw in a bottle of gin, too).

The Gluttonous Gardener gin gardening gift crate | £44 at Not on the High Street
This lovely gift set comes complete with everything she needs to grow her own gin (kinda). Including an evergreen juniper bush, to bear the berries that give gin its distinctive flavour, and with aromatic angelica and coriander seeds. You can personalise it, too!View Deal

11. A Seedbom for an explosion of colour come spring

Kabloom Urban Bloomer Seedbom

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

A great gift for a Mum who may not be as green fingered as she would like, this seedbom is impossible to mess up – they just need to shake it, pull out the pin, submerge in water and then throw into bare soil in their garden, They say a well-lit place works best...

Kabloom Urban Bloomer Seedbom | £4.50 at Urban Outfitters
Come spring this Seedbom will come into its own with an explosion of poppy, corn marigold, cornflower, forget-me-not, oxeye daisy and red champion – just in time, too, as they grown best through March to June. That and it comes in a biodegradable casing – don't you worry about that!View Deal

12. A stylish seat pad to brighten up their outside space

Matchbox seat pads

(Image credit: Graham & Green)

Few rooms can’t be improved without a cushion or two and the same goes for gardens, so add a splash of colour and texture to a friend or relative’s outdoor living room or dining area with one (or more) of these quirky, matchbox-inspired designs.

Matchbox seat pads | £35 at Graham & Green
Each seat pad is handmade with a 100 per cent polyester filling, and they are exclusive to Graham & Green. An easy way to add a pop of colour to a garden, we think...View Deal

13. Or, give the gift of a good garden brew

Tea Discoveries Chelsea Garden caddy

(Image credit: Whittard of Chelsea)

Give the gift of a relaxing cup of tea with this rosebud-scattered loose leaf white tea, perfectly presented in a charming caddy – and inspired by Chelsea's colourful floral history, from the Physic Gardens to the Chelsea Flower Show.

Tea Discoveries Chelsea Garden caddy | £15 at Whittards
This tea caddy contains enough leaves for 25 cups of tea – and it will look lovely on display in the kitchen. Get her a strainer and a new mug, too, and complete the set.View Deal

14. A plant stand for an on-trend tiered garden

Como Tiered Plant Stand

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

If your Mum has lots of mismatched pots around her garden, then a plant stand would come in handy. This way they can all sit in the same place when it comes to watering, and it's an easy way to cover up an otherwise plain wall.

Como tiered plant stand | £95 at Cox & Cox
With a charming rustic design, this iron plant stand lets you display your favourite plants and add height and interest to your garden – and thanks to its tiered design, it's perfect for small spaces like patios and balconies as much as sprawling plots.View Deal

15. A set of personalised gardening gloves

Lisa Angel Personalised Birth Flower Gardening Gloves

(Image credit: Lisa Angel)

New gardening gloves might sound like a boring present, but not when they look this good. This lovely pair can also be personalised with birth flowers. Because everyone needs a few pairs of gardening gloves – a pair for planting, some for digging, weeding, and then a fancy pair. Agreed?

Lisa Angel Personalised Birth Flower Gardening Gloves | £38 at Not on the High Street
These gloves are made from faux suede to give them a luxury feel – and look. We are sure your Mum will love them. Even more so if she has an allotment – she'll be the best dressed... View Deal

16. A trusty gardeners book so they can learn a thing or two

The Gardener's Garden

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Another book to add to their shelves, this one is pretty and within the pages, they can see and learn about some of the prettiest gardens over the globe. Not just that but it's also filled with informative texts, courtesy of leading garden designers and writers, horticulturalists, and landscape architects. A must-read on a rainy day that they can't spend in the garden.

The Gardener's Garden | £29.95 at Anthropologie
Not only is this hardback lovely on the outside, but it's even prettier on the inside. There are 472 pages in total – it ought to keep her busy for a day or so...View Deal

17. Play it safe with this ultimate gift box

Women's Essential Gardening Tools by Kenneth & Kenneth

(Image credit: Kenneth & Kenneth)

If you are searching for a trusty (and impressive) gift for Mum, then look no further than this ultimate garden bundle. It comes with everything she needs to start potting. Not just that, but it's all wrapped in a gift box, ready to gift (or to send straight to her door). 

Women's Essential Gardening Tools by Kenneth & Kenneth | £45 at Not on the High Street
Included in this gift set comes everything from gardening gloves to seeds and plant markers. There's even a mug and Tea Pigs to ensure she can enjoy a good brew out in the garden too. View Deal

18. A personalised planter for their herbs to live

Delightful Living Personalised Herb Garden Box

(Image credit: Delightful Living)

Made to sit atop a kitchen windowsill to house herbs, this planter can be personalised to suit your giftee(s) and it arrives ready to fill. We're thinking basil, tomatoes, perhaps some spring onions?

Delightful Living Personalised Herb Garden Box | £37 at Not on the High Street
This garden box is made from FSC certified dark stained wood, as well as designed and printed in Delightful Living's Derbyshire studio. It comes in two sizes – small or medium – and you can personalise it to say names, dates or a quote. Choose this personalisation to be on both sides or one side.View Deal

19. A plant mister – to hydrate their greenery with ease

Jardin Plant Mister

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Why does Mum need a plant mister? To keep her plants hydrated in the warmer months, without overwatering them. This mister is great for outdoor and indoor use, too. And it goes without saying that carrying this around is much easier than Mum lugging a watering can from the front garden to the back – or around the house.

Jardin Plant Mister | £18 at Anthropologie
Choose from two colours – sky or coral – and fill this mister up with water (and maybe some plant food) to use it. It's made of hand-painted soda glass with brass accents, so it'll look nice on display in your kitchen, too. We keep ours on our windowsill to remind us to mist our plants.View Deal

20. Treat Mum to a new gardening apron in time for Spring jobs

Sparks and Daughters Personalised Cross Stitch Denim Gardening Apron

(Image credit: Sparks and Daughters)

If Mum is in need of a new gardening apron – perhaps her one is slightly worn out after the year we've had? This one from Sparks and Daughters is a lovely option – and it can be personalised with her initials. You can also opt to get it gift wrapped so you can sent it straight to her door, just in time for spring garden jobs...

Sparks and Daughters Personalised Cross Stitch Denim Gardening Apron | £29.95 at Not on the High Street
This denim apron has been designed and created by Sparks and Daughters in their workshop in Somerset. It comes in black or blue, and you can choose which colour you want her initials printed in. We love it, and we're sure she will, too!View Deal

21. A personalised planter tray

Lovestruck Interiors Personalised Wooden Crate Planter Tray

(Image credit: Lovestruck Interiors)

For practical use and aesthetic reasons, this planter tray will be much loved by your recipient. They will use it when planting their herbs to hold their tools, pots and more, or for storing things like twine, seeds and small tools. It's made from FSC approved timber, which is from renewable sources, and it has handles for easy carrying.

Lovestruck Interiors Personalised Wooden Crate Planter Tray | £43 at Not on the High Street
This lovely planter tray comes in two colour options and the personalisation is hand stencilled. A great gift for anyone who loves their garden, from Nan to Mum or Grandad.View Deal

22. Some outdoor candles for the table

Brush64 Outdoor Beeswax Candles

(Image credit: Brush64)

Buy her some candles for the garden to light up her life come summer nights spent alfresco. These ones are made from beeswax – just place them in a pot of sand and light them. They come in two sizes and they'd make a lovely table centrepiece.

Brush64 Outdoor Beeswax Candles | £10 at Not on the High Street
This gift will arrive wrapped and tied with string, ready to gift. You might also want to gift them a pot and some sand so they can light them ASAP.View Deal

23. A kit to inspire them to create their own garden border

Border in a Box Build Your Own Contemporary Garden Border

(Image credit: Border in a Box)

A lovely gift idea, this kit is easy to use and even prettier to open – it's also eco-friendly. Inside the box comes pretty much everything they need to create their own garden border, from the seeds to garden border design template measuring 3m x 1m (this can be adapted to fit your space). Also included comes information on how to give your plants the best life. No gardening skills or knowledge required...

Border in a Box Build Your Own Contemporary Garden Border | £24.99 at Not on the High Street
This kit comes in a range of designs and you can even buy a bespoke version, too. She will love it!View Deal

24. This large (but lovely) slatted lantern

Canberra Large Slatted Outdoor Lantern

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

We're imagining this large lantern placed on an outdoor rug and next to a garden sofa to make a statement. It comes with a battery-operated candle to place inside. This candle will give light to your garden once the sun has gone down, safely. 

Canberra Large Slatted Outdoor Lantern | £39.99 at Lights4Fun
With a rope handle for easy carrying, this slatted lantern is made from metal to make it durable. We love it!View Deal

25. A garden utensils bag to hide items away

Precious Little Plum Hessian Gardening Utensils Bag

(Image credit: Precious Little Plum)

A very handy gift for someone with a lot of utensils, and nowhere nice to store them. This way they can pop them all inside this bag, and store this bag inside their shed, to keep them all tighter. Even better? You can personalise it with a name and year. 

Precious Little Plum Hessian Gardening Utensils Bag | £12 at Not on the High Street
This bag is made from 100 per cent quality jute and it has a drawstring for easy closing or opening. You could also hang it on a hook in your shed, or alternatively use it to take your things to your allotment in style.View Deal

26. What about some lovely festoon lighting?

15 Drop Bulb Solar Festoon Lights

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Festoon lights are SO in right now – and it's easy to see why. They can blend in seamlessly in pretty much any garden, while they give off quite a lot of light. Not just that, but these ones from Lights4Fun have eight different effects to choose from, and they are solar powered.

15 Drop Bulb Solar Festoon Lights | £27.99 at Lights4Fun
Practical and pretty, these lights are simple to hang and easy to maintain. They get their charge in the day, ready to light up your garden come nighttime. In total, they measure 4.2metres.
View Deal

27. A garden-themed mug for her cuppa

Oakdene Designs Gardener Of The Year Pot Mug And Shovel Spoon

(Image credit: Oakdene Designs)

Gift them this mug to enjoy a cuppa in their garden, in style. It comes with a stainless steel spoon that's shaped like a shovel and it reads 'Gardener of the year'. Very fitting!

Oakdene Designs Gardener Of The Year Pot Mug And Shovel Spoon | £16 at Not on the High Street
This ceramic mug will get lots of use from your Mum – especially during springtime. This way, she needn't take one of her really fancy mugs into the garden, and she will have a dedicated garden mug.View Deal