Ellen Finch

Ellen Finch

Ellen is deputy editor of Real Homes magazine. Since joining the brand in 2017, she's been lucky enough to spend most of her time speaking to real people and writing about real homes, from extended Victorian terraces to modest apartments. She's currently gearing up to buy a home of her own in 2023 – hopefully with a garden to plant veg and wildflowers – and has a special interest in sustainable living, clever book storage, and cats.

After graduating with a degree in English Literature, Ellen spent a year writing for true-life titles before falling into the world of interiors – when suddenly her love for making the spaces around her look good made sense. She's also written for Future titles including Gardeningetc and Homes & Gardens.

She's a big believer in shopping small and loves supporting local businesses, but is on a mission to slow the spending this year as she enters the final few months of saving for her first home. 

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