Bee-friendly garden buys: 7 gifts that celebrate bees

Make the most of Black Friday with these top bee-friendly garden buys – they're perfect for wildlife lovers

bee-friendly garden buys: forget me nots and bees
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These bee-friendly garden buys are sure to go down a treat, whether you're ticking off your Christmas shopping list or preparing for a birthday. And what better way to spread awareness for these fantastic pollinators?

There are a good few reasons why bees are such champions in our natural world. Crucially, they play a key role in pollinating food crops and many other plants that support wildlife. And, of course, they make honey. But, as The Wildlife Trusts explains, they are under threat. This is largely because of the loss and degradation of our natural habitats due to building development, climate change, and more.

Gardeners can all do their bit in trying to save these wonderful creatures, with the likes of planting bee-friendly plants or installing a bee hotel. And to extend the theme and get more people on board, there are lots of beautiful gifts that will brighten up a plot, too – from bee-patterned planters to twinkling lights.

We've brought together our favorite bee-friendly garden buys for you to peruse. You'll find some Black Friday garden deals in our round-up, too, to help you make your budget go further.

7 bee-friendly garden buys for thoughtful gifting

We've got you covered if you're looking for gifts for gardeners that celebrate the humble yet heroic bee. Take your pick from these choices.

1. Wildflower seeds for nectar-rich blooms

wildflowers in a big field

Wildflowers are an easy and beautiful addition to a garden

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Planting bee-friendly plants in a garden is one of the best ways to help the bees. According to The Wildlife Trusts, some top picks include foxgloves, honeysuckle, toadflax, and snapdragon, but there are many others. 

Wildflower meadows are also great for bees, and they look beautiful too. There are lots of easy-to-use beebombs and specially curated seed mixes that make perfect gifts.

Native Wildflower Seedballs from Beebombs l £7.99 at Amazon

Native Wildflower Seedballs from Beebombs l £7.99 at Amazon
Handmade in Dorset, these seedballs are filled with seeds for blooms from the RHS' 'Perfect for Pollinators' list. All you need to do is scatter them onto cleared ground, water, and wait for the wildflowers to appear and the bees (and butterflies) to arrive.

2. A stylish bee shelter

bee hotel

A bee hotel provides a safe home for these creatures

(Image credit: Photographer/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Another go-to option when looking for bee-friendly garden buys is a stylish shelter. While you can learn how to make a bug hotel with our guide, a pre-made one makes a lovely gift, and is a pretty feature for a plot.

Bee Nester Tin l £15.99 now £12.79 at Dobies (save £3.20)

Bee Nester Tin l £15.99 now £12.79 at Dobies (save £3.20)
This bee nester tin comes ready to hang, and provides a safe, insulated shelter for Mason, Leafcutter, and Orchard bees. It's a great gift for gardeners who want to give nature a helping hand, even if they only have a smaller plot to play with.

3. Bee-patterned gardening gloves

Bee patterned gardening gloves in garden from Glorious Grouse

Garden in style with these gloves from Amazon

(Image credit: Glorious Grouse)

Every gardener needs a good pair of gardening gloves to protect their hands during outdoor chores. So why not gift your loved one a pair that they'll treasure? A pretty bee pattern is totally charming and might even get them thinking about wildlife garden ideas for their own space.

Briers bee-patterned gardening gloves l £12.45 at Amazon

Briers bee-patterned gardening gloves l £12.45 at Amazon
We adore the jolly bee print on these smart leather gloves and the soft shade of grey-blue. As well as looking great, they will keep hands protected and have adjustable velcro fasteners to ensure they stay snug.

4. A good book to enjoy with a cuppa

book and bouquet of flowers outdoors

Gift a beautiful book

(Image credit: LanaSweet/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

After ticking off garden chores, there's nothing more rewarding than sitting down with a mug of something warm and a good book, whether that's indoors or next to one of the best fire pits on a patio. Gift your loved one a book about bees and they can learn all sorts of useful info to help with their wildlife gardening plans.

Rewild Your Garden: Create a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies, by Frances Tophill l £15.00 now £11.34 at Amazon (save £3.66)

Rewild Your Garden: Create a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies, by Frances Tophill l £15.00 now £11.34 at Amazon (save £3.66)
When it comes to bee-friendly garden buys, this book had to be on the list. It's full of practical advice from the Gardeners' World presenter on how to make a plot more nature-friendly, whatever its size. And there are lots of lovely illustrations, too.

5. Twinkling bee lights to pep up flowerbeds

bee microlights from Lights4fun

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Help your friends and family add extra sparkle to their space with some glowing bee-themed outdoor lighting. Woven around or staked into flowerbeds or window boxes, they will add instant charm and delight any onlooker.

20 Bee LED Solar Fairy Lights l £14.99 at Lights4fun

20 Bee LED Solar Fairy Lights l £14.99 at Lights4fun
This string of 20 buzzy bees will brighten up any trellis or fence. What's more, they're solar-powered, so there's no need to worry about an outdoor plug.

If you're looking to snap up a bargain this Black Friday, you can find more outdoor light deals in our dedicated guide.

6. A pretty planter or two

sass & belle hanging bee planter with ivy

This bee-patterned planter from Sass & Belle would make a lovely gift

(Image credit: Amazon/Sass & Belle)

If you're looking for a straightforward and reliable gift when it comes to bee-friendly garden buys, you can't go wrong with a decorative garden planter or two. They can even be given to someone who doesn't own a garden, as can pep up a windowsill or indoor corner instead.

Pop a bee-friendly plant or perhaps some fragrant herbs inside to complete the gift, or simply give as is to let them choose how to use it.

Sass & Belle Queen Bee Hanging Planter l £8.99 now £8.49 at Amazon (save 50p)

Sass & Belle Queen Bee Hanging Planter l £8.99 now £8.49 at Amazon (save 50p)
This pretty ceramic planter is bound to turn heads with its delicate gold bee pattern and chain. It's ideal for pepping up a conservatory, garden building, or even a bedroom with a small succulent or trailing variegated ivy.

7. A selection of bee-friendly bulbs

daffodils and muscari

Provide spring joy and nectar for the bees with bulbs

(Image credit: Don Mennig/Alamy Stock Photo)

Planting bulbs is a joy for most gardeners as it signifies looking ahead to warmer weather and spring blooms. For bee-friendly garden buys, consider gifting a beautiful bulb selection that is specially curated for attracting these pollinators. 

Happy Bee Blue Flower Bulb Mixture in Hessian Bag l £13.99 now £8.39 at Suttons (save £5.60)

Happy Bee Blue Flower Bulb Mixture in Hessian Bag l £13.99 now £8.39 at Suttons (save £5.60)
This selection has been developed with the Beekeepers Association to encourage more bees to the garden. It includes a mix of bulbs for an eye-catching display of blue and yellow blooms which will brighten any border, and we think the hessian bag makes a stylish finishing touch.

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