5 garden shed ideas to get your outdoor storage organised – fast

Looking for one of the best sheds? Sort your garden clutter and keep garden tools safe and dry with these ideas for any size space

compact garden shed
(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Updated your outdoor space with new garden furniture, a BBQ or maybe even a pizza oven this summer? Lucky you if you have, but chances are you're now trying to think of somewhere to store it all to keep it protected from the cooler weather when it arrives later in the year. 

Whether you're looking for one of the best sheds or a more compact option for smaller spaces, having suitable storage is key if you want to keep your garden clutter free and all of your garden tools and outdoor furniture safe and dry. Keep scrolling for our top ideas for gardens big and small. 

1. Perfect for tiny spaces

small lean-to garden shed

(Image credit: Wickes)

We’re not all blessed with massive gardens complete with a spacious patio or decked area (although we obviously wish we were), so if all you have is a tiny garden or backyard with a few colourful pots, then a mini lean-to shed is the option for you. Big enough to store wellies and a few garden tools, it slots neatly against a wall and won't dominate the space. This Rowlinson lean-to shed from Wickes has a handy shelf and a good sized storage section underneath, plus there's a lockable door to keep everything secure. 

2. Opt for a DIY build and save time (and money)

garden shed from Very

(Image credit: Very)

Want to get your new garden shed up and running fast? Opt for a simple and inexpensive buy that you can assemble yourself and you'll be sorted before you know it. The Forest apex shed from Very may only measure 6ft x 4ft but as it's made from smaller sections it's easier to handle for quick and easy assembly – always a bonus! The overlap design aids rain and water run-off and it has a pressure treated solid timber floor to cope with heavier items like the best lawn mower and bags of compost.

3. Go small, but stick to full height

wooden shed in a garden

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

If your garden is on the small size and you haven't got room for a shed with a large floor area, look out for more compact designs that still offer plenty of head height to ensure you have room to fit in folding garden furniture and tall garden tools, such as our pick of the best hedge trimmers and maybe even the best pressure washer. Designs made from pressure treated timber, such as this Rowlinson Oxford shed from Cuckooland will be fully protected against rotting. 

4. Opt for double doors for easy access

garden shed with double doors for easy access

(Image credit: Argos)

Got lots of bulky items to store? Then you'll soon appreciate the benefits of having double doors to access your garden shed. It means you'll be able to get your wheelbarrow (you can find our top buy in our best wheelbarrow buying guide) and big lawn mower in without any issues. With a larger design such as this Mercia 10 x 6 overlap Apex shed from Argos there will even be space to set up a potting area, and with four windows down one side you'll get the added bonus of plenty of natural light inside too. 

5. Update your shed with paint for a new look

garden paint ideas

(Image credit: M&L Paints)

Perfectly happy with the size and style of your current shed (once you've sorted out the clutter that is), but worried the exterior has seen better days? Give it a much-needed spruce up before winter and protect it from bad weather with a couple of coats of exterior wood paint, and it'll soon look as good as new. Opting for dark colours such as black or dark grey will help it blend into the background and make foliage stand out against the shed, or choose a more colourful tone such as this beautiful green called Passiflora from M&L Paintsfor an uplifting update to your garden scheme. 

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